I will provide structural and developmental editing

Favorite0I will provide substantive developmental editing   Do you need to give your writing a fresh perspective? Or maybe you are looking for substantive suggestions or edits on how to help your manuscript shine? Send your work to me right away!   I will constructively read your manuscript, book, short story, or article and offer […]

I will provide substantive developmental editing

Favorite0This Gig’s Details *For quotes on longer writings, please contact me. Do you want to improve your writing skills? Are you looking for practical advice on how to make your text stand out? Send your work to me! Developmental editing and line editing are the two types of editing services that I provide. I will […]

I will ghostwrite your adventure or fantasy stories

Favorite0I’m positive you will like a professional story writer do a magic with your project. I can examine through your requirements and we will brainstorm on the way to hit the grind. Reading via the story, it will feature function fictional individual, imaginary settings, spiced dialogues, and new exploration. I’m open to pointers and I’m […]

I will ghostwrite your self help ebook, motivational, ghostwriting, self help

Favorite0HELLO!! I’M ANDREW SMITH, IT’S A HONOUR TO HAVE YOU HERE I’m an experience ghostwriter, book writer and Ghostwriter, who has proficient skills in writing and translating service. Am willing to work with your project always.  I can write on different topics and niche like: Self help book and eBooks Motivational Nutritional Ghostwriting Guide book Inspirational […]

I will provide substantive developmental editing

Favorite0Do you want to give your writing a substantive developmental editing? Or are you looking for a creative suggestion on how to help your text shine? Send in your work now! I will patiently read your book, short story, or long article and provide suggestion for edits and rewrites along with a full detailed and constructive […]

I will ghostwrite your fiction story, novel on any genre

Favorite0Thanks for checking out my gig!! GHOSTWRITING, FICTION, GHOST WRITER, SHORT STORY, WRITING, NOVEL, FANTASY GIG. If you are looking to hire a creative fiction ghostwriter, you are in the right gig!!  I’m a creative fiction writer looking to create tales from our partnership. To me, writing a fictional story or novel is an adventurous […]

I will ghostwrite your romance, erotica story, and novel for you

Favorite0Novels can be boring. But a highly erotic masterpiece? That’s everything! And that, dear author, is what you get when you let a passionate writer handle your ghostwriting needs. I’m falkhall, your go-to veteran erotic ghostwriter. I guess here is the part where I summarise my skills and experience, but that’s so cliche Permit me […]

I will proofread and edit your content, novel, and stories

Favorite0WELCOME TO YOUR RIGHTFUL KINGDOM Are you looking for a professional content proofreader to help you proofread and edit your content and articles? Are you looking for a content editor? SEARCH NO MORE Do you know that examining your text carefully to find and correct typographical errors and mistakes in grammar, style, and spelling is called proofreading? […]