I will write you irresistible romantic and erotic fictional stories

I will write you irresistible romantic and erotic fictional stories that comprises NSFW, ROMANCE, FANTASIES, SHORT STORY, BDSM. WELCOME TO MY GIG  If you are looking for an erotic story writer who can provide high levels of professionalism, then you have come to the right place. I have a large repertoire of stories that I […]

I will ghostwrite your science fiction or fantasy story

Do you have a Fantasy, Science fiction, Steampunk ideas? Do you have dungeons and dragons you want to escape slay? Or experimental weapons that needs perfecting before the planets align and the destroys the entire planet? Then you need a scribe like me to pen down your scientific formula and your hero’s journey.   Fantasy […]

I will ghostwrite your fantasy or sci fi novel

GET YOUR MIND BLOWING FANTASY/SCI-Fi BOOK WRITTEN INTO A PAGE TURNER!!! If you’re here, then you’re one step away from getting a page turning fantasy story with captivating characters, detailed world building and pages that stick to your mind long after they’ve ended. All you have to do is click the order button. What you’ll […]

I will ghostwrite your adventure or fantasy stories

I’m positive you will like a professional story writer do a magic with your project. I can examine through your requirements and we will brainstorm on the way to hit the grind. Reading via the story, it will feature function fictional individual, imaginary settings, spiced dialogues, and new exploration. I’m open to pointers and I’m […]

I will ghostwrite your fantasy adventure novel

***Be sure to leave me a message with your requirements before you order*** Want a DnD quest or medieval fantasy, a fantastical adventure full of Dragons, knights, kings, elves, and wizards? Or want to experience the rustic feel of steam-powered engines of steampunk fiction? Or explore the corridors of historical fiction? Or do you prefer […]

I will ghostwrite your fiction story, novel on any genre

Thanks for checking out my gig!! GHOSTWRITING, FICTION, GHOST WRITER, SHORT STORY, WRITING, NOVEL, FANTASY GIG. If you are looking to hire a creative fiction ghostwriter, you are in the right gig!!  I’m a creative fiction writer looking to create tales from our partnership. To me, writing a fictional story or novel is an adventurous […]

I will ghostwrite your fantasy story up to 30,000 words and more

Do you remember all those feelings you got the first time you laid your eyes on your first Harry Potter book? Have you ever imagined being the Harry Potter of your story and combating the forces of evil? Or maybe you’re leaning towards to the dark side and would like to the Lord Voldemort. All […]