I will ghostwrite your romantic or erotic storry

Hello there!!!

Have you been looking to get yourself on with thrilling and mesmerizing short stories of ROMANCE?

Let me help you with creative writing!

Just tell me what you’re looking for in the story and i will shape it into a tale that will thrill you.

I will write a romantic or an erotic story that will keep you busy and longing for satisfaction and more!

I will use strong language to make it more graphic in your imagination.

I have been writing EROTIC and ROMANTIC STORIES for some years with a full stack of knowledge and experience of what each client needs studying through time.

I would love to know more about your idea before you place an order. I can help you come up with a plot and characters if it’s needed. 

I will revise your story, and make sure there are no punctuation, grammar, spelling, or syntax errors.

I am writing an imaginary erotic story and a Romantic story that you would love to read. My stories would make you feel happy and feel good

I CAN ASSURE YOU 110% that you will be delighted with my erotic and romantic story.! 

Please message me before placing the order.



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