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Submit Your Music To Millions Of Playlist Curators

Hello there, are you struggling to promote and submite your  music organically & want to reach real audience?
Yes, you come to right place.
I have found out the more effective & best professional ways boost any music to its real lovers & listeners. I will create professionally looking high converting, targeted ads to bring you plays, conversations or followers.

I will also submit your music to millions of playlist curators………………


Target the right audience and get streams, listeners and followers with Social Media Marketing Ads (Instagram/Google, and Facebook).


1. Musically
2. Musicjam
3. Mashable
4. Music blogs ( no spamming to irrelevant spotify platform)
5. Facebook music page ( Musically Facebook fan page)
6. Real strategies on high DA streaming blog


1. Your track link
2. Your music title 
3. your genre

Thanks for visiting my gig


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Promote your song to 5000 real hip hop playlist curators


I will promote your track music to right targeted audiences Via Social Media to boost your Music Revenue, Awareness, Increase listen and boost organic Streams…

The package is there for you to choose,
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I will Do PLAYLIST PLACEMENT for this Following tracks:
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Submit Your Track Music Link,

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Help you write full song lyrics!

Hello! Here I can write you song lyrics for multiple different genres! Hiphop, electronic, orchestral, rock, metal, etc. I have written more songs than I can count and I am willing to create more! I also am a poet. If you would like to see all of my poems to verify my credibility, I am willing to provide you my website!

Here, it is more than a service. I am willing to collaborate with you! For example, if you want lyrics for a music piece you have done, send me the audio file, this way I know exactly how to build what you want! If you have no audio file, record yourself humming the syllables and the melody you want! If you simply just want lyrics, let me know!

Remember! No vocals come with this, unless you really need it to point you in the right direction!
Also, all melodies that I create for you will be sent in the form of a piano/synth!

Please CONTACT me ahead of time before you purchase! We can discuss what you need and I might even point you in the right direction/help you out beforehand!

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Record A Guitar Track For Your Song

My name is Layne Solo and I’m a professional session musician, music producer and mixing engineer with more than 10 years of experience.
I own an home recording studio, which I work everyday on my music and client’s music as well.
It would be such an honor to work with you and help you with your next project.
If you have any questions or requests, send me a message.

Studio Gear:
 Pro Tools 12.5 HD
 Focusrite Scarlett 6i6
 Yamaha HS5
 Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO
 AKAI Professional MPK249

 Gibson Les Paul Standard
 Epiphone Les Paul Standard
 Charvel San Dimas
 Ibanez Ex-Series
 Takamine Acoustic

 Gibson Thunderbird
 Fender Jazz Bass
 Ibanez Gio

VST & Plugins:
 Kontakt 5
 Guitar Rig 5
 Amplitube 4

What you’ll get:
 Guitar track up to(based on order)
 DI & Amp tracks for mixing
 24bit/44.1khz WAV files

The BEST professional recording gear and quality.

Let’s make music together,

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Record Pro Backing , Karaoke ,Music Instrumental

* You can choose for me to record a carbon copy, or change the song to your specifications e.g. (record acoustic guitar version), or , (key change)

Provide me with your reference track, sheet music, recorded demo, creative ideas etc.. 
and i will deliver to you:

  • Full custom track ready for instant use


  • Unlimited Tracks 


  • Optional Separated Instrument Audio files


  • HQ WAV 44100 Hz, 32 Bit, Stereo


  • Pre-processed or Raw
  • Style and Genre specific 
  • Frequent communication throughout project to keep you up to date.

I am a multi-instrumentalist (mainly guitar, bass, piano, drums). I have 15 years of experience within music, production and a Degree in professional musicianship.

Allow me to show you what i can do for you, and your project. 

Satisfaction guaranteed, or your money refunded.

Prices vary based and are absolutely negotiable!

Contact now.  Thanks, Tom.

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Do Your American Female Voice-Over

Unless you request that I call your business and leave the voicemail greeting, it will be provided in .wav or .mp3 form.

I will voice your piece with the humor or seriousness (or both or more) it deserves. Either way, it will be professionally done and you will want to listen to it time and again. If it’s for a project, anyone listening will be able to feel the emotions being conveyed, be it happiness, sadness, fear, anger, or wonder.

I deliver
enthusiastic vocals
various voices
sound effects, where needed

My work is guaranteed to make your project “POP” or to submerse you so deeply into the work’s world that you’ll forget where you are. If you’re aiming to sell something, get ready for your phones to start ringing after your listeners hear my voice.

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