I will record unique voice over male in english

Favorite1professional voice over, voice talent, voice acting, voice over, narration, male voice over ************************** These and more is 100% guaranteed when you order my gig. My name is Graham, residing in Texas and I have been doing voice over service for more than 7 year. I will deliver an amazing service that will surely blow […]

I will provide a professional, genuine, female american voiceover in less than

Favorite0voiceover, voice acting, voice talent, voice over, narration, female voice over, ******************************************************************************* These are all and more you should expect from this GIG. We are dedicated to giving you the best, but also, the best customer service possible. We want to see YOUR PROJECT succeed! This gig is designed to give you a soft, warm […]

I will record commercial voiceover for your business

Favorite0MY SERVICE: I also have a gig for general voiceover needs, but since advertising seems to be a major area of demand here on Fiverr, I’m creating a gig focused specifically on that need. MY GEAR: XLR Microphone: Audio-Technica AT2020 Audio Interface: Focusrite Scarlett Solo (3d Generation) Studio Software: Audacity 2.3.2

I will record an outstanding female

Favorite0So you need a voice actress? Well, look no farther! Not only am I a Fiverr Certified Voice Actress (With a cute badge and everything!), I am also an affordable one! And with all that said, I would be delighted to be the female voice actress for your project, and with only $50 for 2000 words, my […]

I will do voiceovers for your commercials, ads, ebooks, etc

Favorite1My name is Richard Boudreau and I’m available to do various voice-over gigs for commercials, ads, e-books, etc. I have extensive experience in podcasting, in the world of professional wrestling as I host a professional wrestling podcast called Pro Wrestling Slam! (formerly Kayfabe Kickout) and I have broad interview experience as well. Since 2013, I […]

Be your english and hindi voice over expert

Favorite0Professional English & Hindi Voice Over Expert I can be your professional voice over with a female young adult voice for several projects including: Presentations Announcements IVR Systems Instructional Narration Audiobooks TV Commercials Voicemails Product Promotion Documentary Narration Youtube Video Narration If you think my voice is suitable for your requirement, don’t think. I’m just […]