How to upgrade to Basic Plan and list my Fiverr gigs for free?

How To upgrade to FiverrBox Basic Plan

The easy and quick way is to upgrade to Basic plan by paying $2.00 and start listing your Fiverr gigs descriptions.

But, you can still upgrade to the Basic plan without spending a cent.
Become interactive and collect some points used to upgrade to the Basic plan for free.

How to collect points

We have enabled many ways to become interactive and collect points. Now, we have increased the amount you can collect daily and added a few ways more to benefit from the procedure. Not only collecting points but learning more about FiverrBox and How it works.

According to the table below, we explain the ways you earn points and we will also spot the specific regions to collect them.

FiverrBox Points Table

1. Logging in to your FiverrBox Account

Logging into your account you earn 1 Point per Day. In case you log in many times you get no points until the next day.

2. Like a Gig (Post)

Exploring the gigs descriptions you can like some of your favorites and earn a point for each one. There is a button under every gig’s description image which gives you the opportunity like it. Points are collected until you reach 15 likes daily.

FiverrBox Like Button

3. Affiliate member

Any registration in FiverrBox through your unique affiliate link in your dashboard rewards your balance with 5 points. One registration per day. You just have to share your affiliate link.

FiverrBox Affiliate Link

4. Reading our tutorials

It is really important to read our tutorials. It is a great opportunity to know how Fiverr ranking works and what makes FiverrBox helpful and friendly to use and why.

We encourage you to read our tutorials and get points for the procedure. 

Points From Tutorials

5. Follow our social accounts using buttons

Follow our social accounts and get points to start increasing your points balance. It is placed in your dashboard.

FiverrBox Social buttons

When you reach 70 points, a 100% discount code will appear to use and upgrade to Basic plan in your membership table.