I will be your acoustic guitar player

0 Hi! Thanks for reaching me. I’m a Musician, Session Player, Guitarist and Producer from Italy. I’m here to work with people on their Projects, Song, Instrumental Tunes, Arrangements or to help them during a Songwriting process, being sure of what are your needs and Your initial intentions! Feel Free to contact me 24/7 for […]

I will be your session guitar player on your song

1+ Hi! Thanks for reaching me. I’m a Musician, Session player, Guitarist and Producer from Italy. These 3 skills are always giving me the best sense of what I should do on Projects, Songs and Arrangements, being sure of what are Your needs and Your initial intentions! Feel Free to contact me 24/7 for any info. I play Electric Guitar, Slide Guitar, being specialized in Funk, Rock, Blues, Pop, Soul. If you’re looking for […]

I will do professional cinematic story music dance video production

0 Hi, looking for professionals working with passion and delivering on time? You are in the right place. I am offering. Advanced shooting, dance, wedding, music, cinematic videos clips, and nice locations, modern video editing, best artist and best video quality. I can create or edit Music, Marketing, and commercials. Film making. travel vdo dance […]

I will do product photography with models included

1+ Hello! My name is Model Expert, I’m a professional model ,I have done street fashions, designer pieces ,commercial shots etc .This is my third year delicated in modelling industry. Feel free to contact me as I’m sure I’m the best model you are looking for. Some examples that I can assist you with include: […]

I will do a creative and professional powerpoint presentation

0 Hello everyone, welcome to my gig. My name is Ayman, I’m a Ph.D. student and a young scientist/researcher. Using my skills and knowledge about presentations, I will do a creative and professional PowerPoint presentation for your research, education, conferences, or anything else. During my academic background, I did many presentations for my research projects and my bachelor’s and […]

I will create a unique logo for you within 1 day

1+ Welcome to my unique and luxury Logo Design Gig. If are you looking for custom minimalist and luxury logo design services then don’t look further.  I’m a creative thinker & professional graphic designer who loves mixing technology with creative ideas. I’ll create a 100% custom and a luxury logo design with my creativity & skills in […]