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Greetings, Fortunate Purchasers! A hearty welcome to my gig! Stop looking! I’m a competent creative ghost writer with a lot of expertise generating enthralling e-books that keep your readers interested.  Let’s get to work, with hundreds of e-books created both offline and online and a substantial number of them successfully published on Amazon. Hire a […]

I will ghostwrite your science fiction or fantasy story

Do you have a Fantasy, Science fiction, Steampunk ideas? Do you have dungeons and dragons you want to escape slay? Or experimental weapons that needs perfecting before the planets align and the destroys the entire planet? Then you need a scribe like me to pen down your scientific formula and your hero’s journey.   Fantasy […]

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Hello, Are you looking for someone to ghostwrite short stories, fiction novels and ebooks? Well, you have come to the right place! I am a fully qualified creative writer with an insatiable need to create and I will ghostwrite short stories, fiction, science fiction, novels, ebook writing and be your ghostwriter on any subject including sci-fi, […]

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I will ghostwrite your fantasy and sci fi ideas into a page gripping story Looking for a ghost not just capable of being invisible but writing too? You’ve come to the right one. I’ve wandered through life creating fictional worlds and characters that appear just as real as your next door neighbor. Working with authors […]

I will ghostwrite your fantasy or sci fi novel

GET YOUR MIND BLOWING FANTASY/SCI-Fi BOOK WRITTEN INTO A PAGE TURNER!!! If you’re here, then you’re one step away from getting a page turning fantasy story with captivating characters, detailed world building and pages that stick to your mind long after they’ve ended. All you have to do is click the order button. What you’ll […]

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I will ghostwrite the best thriller and horror story for you. Writing great thriller is what I do. Some might say thriller is what I write best. And they will not be lying. Over my nine years working in the literary world as a ghostwriter and editor, I’ve learnt a good number of things about […]

I will ghostwrite your adventure or fantasy stories

I’m positive you will like a professional story writer do a magic with your project. I can examine through your requirements and we will brainstorm on the way to hit the grind. Reading via the story, it will feature function fictional individual, imaginary settings, spiced dialogues, and new exploration. I’m open to pointers and I’m […]

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Writing an ebook necessitates talent and attention to detail. I excel at writing contents that engages your target audiences from start to finish. As a professional ghostwriter, ebook writer, and nonfiction book author, I can create an ebook that will bring your ideas to life! You can hire me to write a nonfiction book, ghostwrite […]

I will ghostwrite your science fiction story

Oh boy, are you in for a treat when you hire me to write your sci-fi novel, sci-fi short story, or steampunk. What does every Science fiction need? A Plasma gun shooting balls of energy into the dark void of space? A time-traveling bounty hunter? Teleportation activated by sneezing? Every Sci-fi needs a unique world […]

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Composing is an artistic expression that requires a very long time to refine. In the event that you have a phenomenal idea for a digital book however have no clue about how to begin, you are needing a professional writer. That is where I come in. There is not a great explanation for why you […]