I will write non fiction ebook on any topic

Favorite0WELCOME TO MY GIG! Non-fiction writing is a special skills that require the writer to display skills. This Service will include an outline of the book, ghostwriting of the text and editing  I will create compelling material that reflects client’s idea. I offered well researched and edited writing on any fiction topic. I have in-depth […]

I will be your ebook writer, ghostwrite medical finance self help ebook

Favorite0Hello! Welcome to my Gig You need a way to bridge the gap between your marketing needs and your ability to create quality, compelling content. It would be best if you had a professional writer with experience in marketing, business, and creativity to write original content on your behalf. I write quality content for people […]

I will ghostwrite self help eBook, eBook writer, self help book, nonfiction book

Favorite0Hello! Welcome to my Gig!I am a book writer and eBook ghostwriter who can help you with your self-help eBook, eBook, or nonfiction book project. I work with authors to create a perfect, polished manuscript for publishing on Amazon Kindle, Kobo, and other eBook writing stores.My specialty is creating content that will connect with your […]

I will be your nonfiction ebook writer, book writer and kindle book writer

Favorite0Hello, My name is Jake Oliver. I graduated in 2015 from The University of St Andrews, United Kingdom with a B.A. in englishcreative writing. Earlier, finding such potential customers was tough! But now, eBook writing is no longer a challenging job. With well-crafted EBooks, you can convert your visitors to loyal customers. I’m a skilled […]

I will write an eloquent ebook, ebook writing, self help book

Favorite0I am a professional writer. I write nonfiction and fiction books and e-books, articles, and ghostwriting your autobiography or memoirs. I specialize in working with authors who need to publish their books on Amazon but have no time or skills to do it themselves. I am also a ghostwriter; I can take your ideas, shape […]

I will provide structural and developmental editing

Favorite0I will provide substantive developmental editing   Do you need to give your writing a fresh perspective? Or maybe you are looking for substantive suggestions or edits on how to help your manuscript shine? Send your work to me right away!   I will constructively read your manuscript, book, short story, or article and offer […]

I will provide substantive developmental editing

Favorite0This Gig’s Details *For quotes on longer writings, please contact me. Do you want to improve your writing skills? Are you looking for practical advice on how to make your text stand out? Send your work to me! Developmental editing and line editing are the two types of editing services that I provide. I will […]

I will ghostwrite a best selling novel or non-fiction ebook

Favorite0Do you have an idea so exciting you can hardly contain it but no time to sit down and actually write it? Do you have a burning desire to share your story but can’t seem to find the right words? Are you ready to take those big ideas from mind to matter?       […]

I will provide substantive developmental editing

Favorite0Do you want to give your writing a substantive developmental editing? Or are you looking for a creative suggestion on how to help your text shine? Send in your work now! I will patiently read your book, short story, or long article and provide suggestion for edits and rewrites along with a full detailed and constructive […]

I will ghostwrite nonfiction ebook, self help book, fiction, ebook writing

Favorite0Hello! —Please send an inquiry BEFORE placing an order!— You’re generally welcome to my gig, I’m here to offer a result-oriented solution to your varying writing needs. Why is this, you may ask? I offer various writing services such as Self-help eBooks, Cookbooks, Fiction Writing, Amazon Kindle, and eBook Formatting. When I work, I imagine […]