I will do manuscript, proofreading, editing, and ebook formatting

Favorite0Hello Great Buyer, Are you looking for help with your manuscript? I’m Ella Thomas, A professional in manuscript, proofreading, editing, and eBook formatting expert with proven 4 years of experience in the industry. I am here to help you with your writing needs. I have been editing, proofreading, and formatting on a regular basis for years now. I WILL […]

I will professionally edit your book or ebook manuscript, and proofread for publishing

Favorite0Hello there! I am an experienced professional editor and proofreader who will edit your book or ebook manuscripts for grammar, punctuation, spelling, and flow. I will also highlight any issues that may have been missed by the editor and/or proofreader at the time of submission. I will edit your book or ebook manuscript and proofread it to […]

I will provide structural and developmental editing

Favorite0I will provide substantive developmental editing   Do you need to give your writing a fresh perspective? Or maybe you are looking for substantive suggestions or edits on how to help your manuscript shine? Send your work to me right away!   I will constructively read your manuscript, book, short story, or article and offer […]