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0 Hello An original tried-and-tested recipe tailored to your request. I am a professional chef, food recipe writer, recipe developer, diligent editor, and content producer. I work with national brands, individuals, and small businesses to create and improve written collateral.  I’m a highly organized copywriter and editor who regularly produces new recipes that accommodate all dietary preferences and allergies, as well […]

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1+ Howdy! If you need a well-researched, technical, and educational blog post on a subject related to food science, nutrition, unique recipes or articles about cooking for your website, then this gig is for you.  Being a personal chef and food enthusiast, I have extensive knowledge of cooking and recipes for all types of diets. I have extensive experience with recipe development, recipe writing and […]

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3+ Hi I have a vast knowledge of natural health and dietary needs as I myself am a coeliac. I pride myself on my ability to take classic recipes and adapt them to create healthy and nutritious versions of modern favourites, suitable for varying dietary needs, as well as creating entirely original content. Each recipe […]

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0 FOOD RECIPE, RECIPES, TASTY, BAKING, BUZZ-FEED, SHORT VIDEO, HEALTH, NUTRITIONAL, AND FITNESS. Hello, Are you willing to know how to cook delicious food with different kind of food recipes? if yes, come to me i will show you how to do it.. Here are what i offer: Jollof rice Fried rice Solid Food(Amala, Semo, […]

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0 Hello, my name is Racheal, I will create high standards food and drink recipes for you. I will write a mouth watering recipe ebook for you. The ebook will have curated, well-written and amazing recipes on the topic of your choice. I have years of experience and many happy customers. I will create a great […]

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0 Hello, I’m Eliana;  A cookbook is that object that you usually buy or receive with great enthusiasm, use for a couple of dishes. Cookbooks are undoubtedly cult objects for fans and gourmets alike, as well as for professional chefs who turn to them for inspiration and new ideas, they are usually a tremendous statistical […]