I will ghostwrite your romance, erotica story, and novel for you

0 Novels can be boring. But a highly erotic masterpiece? That’s everything! And that, dear author, is what you get when you let a passionate writer handle your ghostwriting needs. I’m falkhall, your go-to veteran erotic ghostwriter. I guess here is the part where I summarise my skills and experience, but that’s so cliche Permit […]

I will write 2000 words bdsm,nsfw,romance,lesbian,fanfiction or erotic story

2+ Hi there! I will bring your most wild fantasies to words. I am up for writing on any category to name a few, humiliation and disgrace vanilla bdsm  exhibition and voyeurism non-con or reluctance toys Incest/ Taboo Fetish Fantasy and Sci-Fi Fandom Romance Lesbian Gay Ebony Jerk off instruction You name your fetish or […]

Write and develop an awesome story pitch with analysis

0 As a professional and highly experienced writer, I can write an awesome pitch package for you to sell a TV show, series, reality, documentary, movie or any other audiovisual format you have. Just let me know what your great idea is and I will create a pitch package. Pitch packages differ according to plans. […]