I will write and design an instruction manual, training manual, workbook, and booklet

Favorite0WELCOME TO MY GIG GREAT BUYER As a talented researcher, creative writer, seasoned website developer, and on-page SEO specialist with years of expertise, I can help you with any job. Writing and designing are my two favorite pastimes. I’m an expert on user manuals, instructional manuals, training manuals, workshop manuals, booklets, workbooks, PowerPoint presentations, instructional handbooks, […]

I will write and rebrand instructional manual, training manual, booklet, workbook

Favorite0WELCOME TO MY GIG DESCRIPTION; HELLO VALID BUYER Do you need to have your training program’s materials ready? yes, you are in the right place I can assist you with any assignment as a skilled researcher, imaginative writer, seasoned website developer, and on-page SEO expert with years of experience. My most intense hobby is writing and design, I’m […]

I will create or design training manual, instruction manual, workbook, booklet

Favorite0I am a highly qualified technical writer with a proven track record of creating responsive, informative and engaging manuals and troubleshooting guides. I understand the challenges you face when developing or implementing new processes or procedures and how to present them in a way that is user-friendly & professional. My goal is always to exceed […]

I will write and design instructional manual, booklet, user guide and training class

Favorite0Welcome to my gig! Are you looking for a professional writer who can help you write, design and rebrand your training manual? I am here for you twenty-four hours a day. To establish a good first impression and advance your company, it is crucial to remember that a properly designed product guide or booklet sells […]

I will write and create training manual ebook, user guide, training module and booklet

Favorite0Hi Awesome Buyer , I will develop and produce educational training manuals, instructional handbooks, user guides, booklets, and power point presentations (ppt). My intention is to create an education training handbook that satisfies the copy cape plagiarism test and helps users feel at ease with the project they have chosen. A training manual’s main objective […]

I will create technical training manual user guide self help and lead magnet

Favorite0 About This Gig Hello Ready to give you the high quality training manual you want. I will write and design professional manual that will help your business and employee, let discuss it and build it. My service include…. User’s Manual User guide Training manual Technical manual Catalog of products Illustrations Presentations Format/Redesign Product manual […]

I will create training manual user guide lead magnet and product manual

Favorite0 About This Gig >>>>Hire me if you need a guide/manual written, rewritten, or updated! I have years of experience in learning and curriculum creation in a variety of businesses. >>>>Creating a personalized training manual requires a lot of contact between you and me, so we’ll work around your crazy hospitality schedule to get this done […]

I will write and rebrand informational manual, workbook, training course, and booklet

Favorite0Your employees must operate at their highest level to remain relevant and competitive in the fast-paced commercial world of today. I will provide my staff training and development opportunities that are intended to assist them in becoming more adaptable to rapidly changing circumstances and enhance their performance over time.  The goal of a training manual […]

I will write and rebrand instructional training manual, user guide, lead magnet and ppt

Favorite0Hello great buyer, Anthony Moses is a highly energetic, passionate and responsible professional with extensive experience in the field of Technical Editing/Writing/Copywriting. I have also deep technical understanding of hardware and software, work with several technologies as well as applications. My goal is to produce high quality documentation for ease of use for the end […]

I will write and rebrand instructional training manual, user guide, lead magnet, booklet

Favorite0Hello, If you require a guide/manual to be developed, revised, or updated! You’ve come to the correct place. I’ve worked as a technical writer for inventors and entrepreneurs for over 6 years, and I take satisfaction in communicating technical material simply and properly. Whether it’s developing instructional training eBooks, User manuals, Prayer point eBooks, workbook,guide eBook […]