I will lead magnet, lead capture page and landing page design

DESIGN LEAD MAGNET, LEAD CAPTURE PAGE , LANDING PAGE DESIGN Hi, welcome to my gig What most businesses need to thrive and make sales is a landing page with standard and attractive lead magnet designed with compelling call to actions, which will help you with collection and compilation of your lead list of names and contact […]

I will design creative lead magnet, ebook, pdf, and workbook using canva

Hi There, Lead magnet: Is a term used to describe a marketing strategy that generates leads for the sales funnel. Lead magnets are typically high-quality content that is downloaded, shared, and/or encouraged to be clicked on. If you’ve been struggling to get more people to sign up for your lead magnet, then you’re in luck. I […]

I will write and design lead magnets, workbooks, and PDF ebook design for your business

Welcome to my gig: Are you planning to self-publish your book? You will get an Ebook, a workbook, and a lead magnet designed on canvas that will surely help you to grow your business. My passion is creating high-quality content that people will love reading or using. I am also very creative when coming up with new ideas and ways to make […]

I will lead capture page, lead magnet, sales page, lead magnet page, lead page

Do you know that the best way to generate leads that are well suited to your business is to use lead magnets lead Capture page in exchange for a readers contact information. A lead magnet can make your lead-generation efforts far more effective as businesses need to bring in specific prospects, or leads, who are able to buy their […]

I will do an attractive sales funnel landing page for your online course on clickfunnel

Are you an Online Coach/Business Manager/Content Maker, which is in need of an Expert to boost your audience rate organically, and make passive income via CRM, Converting Landing pages, Sales Funnel Or selling your Online Course, or Digital Products? I’m An Expert Ecommerce Store Promoter with over 5 years of working experience in the field, I will help in BUILDING […]

I will write and rebrand instructional training manual, user guide, booklet, lead magnet

About This Gig HELLO, Good day, welcome to my gig, One of my specialties is writing manuals. I can help you rebrand your small business and create instructional training manuals, instructional handbook, workbooks and booklets. You can order our manual as a lead magnet to attract clients to your business, or you can order it […]

I will design unique lead magnet, PDF lead magnet, ebook , workbook

Hello friend you are highly welcome to my gig, I offer the best service that suit your project   Do you need a lead magnet that will help you to develop customer relationships and ultimate and increase sales and create an audience for your business to be highly receptive to your marketing efforts, you are […]

I will write and rebrand instructional training manual, user guide, lead magnet and ppt

Hello great buyer, Anthony Moses is a highly energetic, passionate and responsible professional with extensive experience in the field of Technical Editing/Writing/Copywriting. I have also deep technical understanding of hardware and software, work with several technologies as well as applications. My goal is to produce high quality documentation for ease of use for the end […]

I will write and rebrand instructional training manual, user guide, lead magnet, booklet

Hello, If you require a guide/manual to be developed, revised, or updated! You’ve come to the correct place. I’ve worked as a technical writer for inventors and entrepreneurs for over 6 years, and I take satisfaction in communicating technical material simply and properly. Whether it’s developing instructional training eBooks, User manuals, Prayer point eBooks, workbook,guide eBook […]

I will do automated lead magnet, credit repair sales funnel for credit repair website

About This Gig HELLO, GREAT MINDS, IT IS A PLEASURE TO HAVE YOU HERE, Are you struggling to manage your credit clouds or do you want an automated system that can help you drive real, targeted conversion of leads to your cre dit repair business? To get the best out of your CRE DIT REPAIR BUSINESS all […]