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Favorite0Hello, Have you try many time to get funded account and fail or possibly you hire a trader to help you pass the FTMO evaluation and later failed? Or you Have FTMO account that you are wiling to hire a risk master to handle your account and keep it away from Loss? I am a […]

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Favorite0HELLO, HEY THERE,  Since with profitable year of trading, I have begun trading stocks. I adore trading and have a lot of experience in the stock market. My education in mathematics and statistics has benefited me. become quite skilled at selecting stocks and comprehending the underlying numbers. Every week, I’ll give a report on my […]

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Favorite0I WILL PASS FTMO VERIFICATION MFF TFT CHALLENGE STAGES WITH PROPS FIRM TRADING EA I have been trading online as a professional for more than five years now. I use a robust set of rules and strategies to trade my account,  This is a prop firm trading ea. This ea has been proven to be profitable […]

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Favorite0  Welcome!! PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE SENDING ME MESSAGE IN INBOX I’m Abiodun Emmanuel, I am here to offer you my Forex trading Robots. You could probably have interest in any of the three EAs listed in this GIG packages. Below is the features of the robots in different Gig Packages: >>BASIC PACKAGE>>SMALL MT4 ROBOT This […]

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Favorite0  Hi Forex traders, Are you looking for an expert and experienced forex trader specialist that will develop highly profitable forex trading bot, forex ea robot, trading bot, forex trading robot based on your strategy idea with 99% monthly ROI? You’re at the right place for your project. A forex trading bot is software that helps you automate your […]