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Favorite0Hello, Youre Highly welcome to my gig! Im cybernet, I have awesome years of experience in Financial markets and Financial Services. My experience includes wealth management, private client retail trading, stockbroking, and being a professional trader for many years I will trade between 15 and 20% monthly.  I will help you get back the FTMO […]

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Favorite0Hello Sir/Mam, I’m Professional trader in Forex, Crypto, index, FTMO, MFF & Prop Firm. Expert in forex With more than 5 years trading in Big Investment trader and Asset managers, Traded Thousands of Options I would like to help you change your life and become your Own Boss, I will share with you all my […]

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Favorite0Hello, If you are looking for a forex trading strategy that can be easily implemented trading? worry no more, I have exactly what you’re looking for. I’m expert forex traders and analyst that have been trading in the forex markets for over 3 years. I have developed an automated strategy that is based on technical […]

I will teach and setup arbitrage bot, crypto trading bot, forex bot, pancake swap bot

Favorite0Are you looking for a legit cryptocurrency trading bot? I am a software developer with over 8 years of experience in the field. i have work on project that range from trading using machine learning, development of algorithms, and development of indicator-based trading algorithms. my main focus is in development of arbitrage trading bots. i […]

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Favorite0Hello, Have you try many time to get funded account and fail or possibly you hire a trader to help you pass the FTMO evaluation and later failed? Or you Have FTMO account that you are wiling to hire a risk master to handle your account and keep it away from Loss? I am a […]

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Favorite0Hello, The evaluation process consists of the FTMO Challenge and the FTMO Verification and is specifically tailored to discover trading talents. Once the process has been successfully completed, Am eligible to offer a professional account. As a Traders, i can remotely manage up to 4000+ USD with leverage that can continue growing the account according to […]

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Favorite0HELLO, WELCOME TO MY GIG DESCRIPTION. ARE YOU TIRED OF SOME TRADER BURNING YOU CHALLENGE ACCOUNT, DO YOU WANT TO PASS MORE OF YOUR ACCOUNT PHASES THEN YOU ARE IN THE RIGH GIG. I deal with ftmo, mff, tft, fundednext account, and other prop firm account, i will pass your prop firm stages successfully, i […]

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Favorite0Hello,  Have you been trading and always move on drawdown, worry less, Am here to help you out, i can trade your FTMO STAGES, BLUFX , MFF, TFT, FTMO ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT . I’m FOREXISH , An expect trader with years of experience, Before becoming a full time freelancer worker with 3 years of experience. if you are seeking for an expert […]

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Favorite0Hello there, I can help you make money trading Forex by providing expert advice and guidance. I have years of experience in the Forex market, and I know how to make money by trading currencies. I will help you to trade your account successfully and make a profit. Features & Benefits: – Expert advice and […]

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Favorite0Hello generous buyer, Are you trying to find anyone to pass your FTMO challenges with. Trading confirmation a success? If yes, then you’ve come to an expert trader that can handle that successfully. I will help pass your prop firm FTMO, MFF, TFF, MT4 and many more.} successfully and get you LIVE Trading account in […]