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Hi there, I’m a trader with high precision Forex strategy . I use automated and manual trading methods. I have completed many MT4,MT5,Pine Script TradingView , Ninjatrader programming projects . I develop and trade my own trading systems and write Forex Expert Advisors PROP FIRM Forex Indicators and Forex Scripts for various platforms for me […]

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I WILL TRADE YOUR PROP FIRM ACCOUNT SUCCESSFULLY AND GET YOU FUNDED. FTMO, MFF, TFF, AND MORE Hello Investors I’m a forex trading expert with vast years of experience in the forex market and trading prop firm’s accounts and getting them funded. You can confidently trust me to work on your FTMO and other prop […]

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I WILL PASS FTMO VERIFICATION MFF TFT CHALLENGE STAGES WITH PROPS FIRM TRADING EA I have been trading online as a professional for more than five years now. I use a robust set of rules and strategies to trade my account,  This is a prop firm trading ea. This ea has been proven to be profitable […]

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About This Gig Hello great buyer, FTMO is a project which is looking for experienced traders. To ascertain if a trader has all the qualities we seek, we developed a 2-step evaluation course. These two  steps consist of the FTMO Challenge and the Verification. The course is specifically tailored to discover talent within a trader. The minimum requirement […]

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About This Gig Hello great buyer, The FTMO challenge verification role is responsible for ensuring that all FTMO challenges are validated and meet the FTMO challenge validation requirements. This includes, but is not limited to, validating the process by which the user of a device can validate that the device has not been tampered with […]

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Hello,   Do you wish to get funded and earn a passive income by trading while passing any prop firm?   With my risk management method, I have a success rate of over 90% and certain accounts that have passed and been financed.   I am a competent Forex trader who will earn from price […]

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FOREX TRADING FTMO FTMO STRATEGY FTMO TRADING FTMO VERIFICATION Welcome. Do you know, Trading a 200 USD or 2000 USD account in the Forex markets will not result in life-changing rewards. Trading 25k, 50k, 100k, and 200k USD Accounts can help you change your life. Unfortunately, most traders lack both the necessary start-up cash and […]

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I have vast years of working experience in forex trading of consistently profitable trading, and I also helped people in getting FTMO account funded. I have developed a 70% win rate strategy with a ZERO RISK, I am an expert in forex trading and I have passed many FTMO challenge and verification stages. I am […]

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ONLY FOR SERIOUS INVESTORS “FTMO, FUNDING FOR SERIOUS TRADERS FTMO is a project which is looking for successful traders. To ascertain if a trader has all the qualities they seek, they developed a 2-step evaluation course. These two steps consist of the FTMO Challenge and the Verification. FTMO Challenge is the first step of evaluation […]

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FTMO || FOREX TRADING || FTMO VERIFICATION || FTMO EVALUATON || FTMO EA BOT Hello! Do you purchase any FTMO prop trading firm account either 50k, 100k, or 200k? and don’t have the foggiest idea on how to go about it regarding the assessments(evaluations)? you are in the ideal spot as I will pass the assessments(evaluations) stages with my confided forex auto trading bot (100% Guarantee).  […]