I will trade ftmo and other prop firm and get a live account


Are you looking to pass your prop firm challenge accounts and handle your live funded account consistently, if yes, you are in the right gig

I will trade your prop firm account challenge and verification stage successfully and get it funded

I will trade with the best strategies, assure 100% challenge and verification success, and trade live account

I will use effective strategy to make money on the online trading platform, I have a good understanding of the market and am familiar with different trading strategies and I know how to use them effectively

i also trade manually and I use normal no-loss strategies, and a 100% refund back if any issues which there will be non.


  • Custom entry and exit rules (Indicators, Price Action, Multi timeframe, etc.)
  • Custom money management ( %risk, Fixed lots, Martingale, etc..)
  • Full industrial level source code with code explanations
  • Support for any timeframe and instrument (Forex, Crypto, Futures, etc.)

Kindly place your order now or message me to discuss this further!


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