I will make youtube subtitles, video subs, subtitling

Favorite0Hey Lovely Angles My name is Abhi, I’ve been into graphic design for 3+ years. I have done countless subtitles and logos designs, for a lot of famous youtubers and twitch streamers! Are you looking for an awesome subtitle design / header design for your profile? then you came to the right place! In this […]

I will add subtitles to video in english, french or spanish

Favorite0Why Captions are necessary ¬†Captions will: Will add a sense of professionalism to your video creation Allow People With Hearing Disabilities Access To Your Content Improve Indexing For SEO Will give you an added advantage to reach a wider audience since subtitles could be in a different language Improve average Watch Time of your videos […]

I will add professionally synced subtitles or caption to your video

Favorite0If you are looking for a professional in Video Subtitles and Captions to help add subtitle and caption to your videos, then you are at right place. I will add Professional synced subtitles and captions to your videos (Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, Instagram, Movies TV & Shows, etc.)¬† BENEFITS FOR SUBTITLING YOUR VIDEOS: It help your […]

create or burn subtitles for your video

Favorite0Hi there! Do you need someone to perfectly create and burn/sync closed captions or subtitle to your video? You’ve come to the right page. Why do you need to subtitles or captions to your video? Closed captions or subtitles are necessary, if you want your content to reach a larger audience, including the hearing impaired […]