I will add synced subtitles and captions in 75 different languages

Favorite1Hello(His,Her) It’s Me Tahreem Wahab Welcome to My Gig(Add synced subtitles and captions in your video) **I can professionally add Synced Subtitles or Captions in to your video** I am a professional video editor.On fiverr I offer a wide range of services, including transcribing, captions, Add Synced Subtitles/Add Subtitles, and video editing. Some extra benefits(without any extra charges) […]

I will add professionally synced subtitles or caption to your video

Favorite0If you are looking for a professional in Video Subtitles and Captions to help add subtitle and caption to your videos, then you are at right place. I will add Professional synced subtitles and captions to your videos (Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, Instagram, Movies TV & Shows, etc.)  BENEFITS FOR SUBTITLING YOUR VIDEOS: It help your […]