I will I will write job description, job interview, cv, job application, business writing jobs

Favorite0JOB DESCRIPTION, JOB APPLICATION, HUMAN RESOURCES, HIRING, RUCRUITMENT, JOB SEARCH, JOB POSTING, JOB HUNTING, JOB, DESCRIPTION, EMPLOYEE HANDBOOK, JOB INTERVIEW Hello, Dear Job seekers! Are you looking for a professional to write a description about a particular job? Do you want to write an application for a job but don’t know where to start? Worry […]

I will write job description, job application, job interview, cv, business writing jobs

Favorite0job description, job application, job search, description, job, job posting, job hunting, recruitment, descriptions, job interview, hiring, recruiting, resume writing, business writing Hello there! Need a job description, job application, job hunting, or job interview? I can write that for you and much more. I will write job descriptions and job applications according to client’s needs; I […]

I will provide extra fast high quality audio and podcast transcript

Favorite0Hello! Welcome to my GIG. My Name is VICTORY, and You can as well call me Viatri. I’m an expert in providing high-quality and top-notch services on various kinds of transcripts, such as ; AUDIO VIDEO SEMINARS PODCAST PHONE CALL YOUTUBE VIDEOS INTERVIEWS PROOFREADING… E.T.C Rest assured of receiving your desired result with a grammatical […]

I will do resume writing, engineering resume, resume, engineering and technical resume

Favorite0Engineering resume/Technical resume/ATS engineering/Job interview/Mechanical Resume Finding a job in which you will excel for years may be hard. How do you cope with all this? I will help you craft a stunning resume that really grabs your recruiter’s attention.   I specialize in writing resumes for engineers and technical personnel. My services cover all fields […]

I will provide you interview questions and answers

Favorite0Hi! I hope you’re doing great. Looking for someone who can support you and guide you for the upcoming interview? Then you’re at the right place. I have been interviewing and hiring people for MultiNational Companies for the last 15 years. Share with me your interview questions and I will prepare you customized answers as […]

I will Create successful resume and cover letter

Favorite0My process was designed to squeeze the most out Of your accomplishments. It’s ideal for a range of industries and roles  including C-suite. It includes;  Job specific keywords  Accomplishments based bullets  ATS formatting Editable files  Custom cover letter