I will write a professional teacher, professor, or lecturer resume CV

Favorite0HELLO! Are you ready to supercharge your job search and start getting interviews? I’m here to make that happen! I can help you create a perfectly tailored resume that beats the ATS system and gets your application in the hands of a recruiter. With my personal writing style, your cover letter will bring you to life in […]

I will write a professional job description for any position

Favorite0WELCOME TO MY GIGS A job description gives an employee and their supervisor a clear and concise guide that could be used to measure the employee’s job performance. If done correctly, they will help you determine the market value of the role in order to avoid pay inequality issues down the road, as well as […]

I will write job description, job application, job interview, cv, business writing jobs

Favorite0job description, job application, job search, description, job, job posting, job hunting, recruitment, descriptions, job interview, hiring, recruiting, resume writing, business writing Hello there! Need a job description, job application, job hunting, or job interview? I can write that for you and much more. I will write job descriptions and job applications according to client’s needs; I […]

I will write you a unique job description, recruitment, resources, job application

Favorite0 A well detailed and comprehensive gig description for a well written job description,recruitment,job application,human resources and hiring.I will deliver my gig within your time frame. . My job is to make your gig look the best way possible! I write the descriptions in a conversational tone and make sure that there are no mistakes in […]

I will create recruitment website, job website, job board, agency website, job

Favorite0Hello Buyer,   RECRUITMENT WEB_SITE|| JOB BOARD|| AGENCY WEB_SITE|| JOB APPLICATION. Recruitment web-sites are third-party web-sites that assist both recruiters and applicants in communicating throughout the primary stage of the recruitment process. Recruitment is a function that involves searching for and enticing potential candidates to an organization. Recruitment entails locating and drawing potential candidates to […]

I will design an outstanding and unique recruitment website

Favorite0Hello,Welcome to my Gig I will design you a recruitment websites that provide a central location for businesses to gather potential employees. The website will enables candidates to review position opportunities and provide their resume and application information. Give you a great candidate conversion page and create candidate journeys with attractive designs that make clients and […]

Create ROI job board recruitment website agency website

Favorite0RECRUITMENT WEBSITE| HIRING WEBSITE | STAFFING WEBSITE | JOB BOARD AGENCY  I’m a prolific expert in creating responsive RECRUITMENT WEBSITE for companies and individuals. I will design a powerful, feature-rich job responsive RECRUITMENT WEBSITE for your agency or business.   MY OFFERS INCLUDES: I will make a suggestion on the design of the web-site if you already have one I […]

Provide solution to job application questions and essays

Favorite0► Are you finding it difficult to answer the required questions in your job application? ► Are you required to write an essay and you don’t know how to start or what to write? ► Do you have doubts about your answers? Worry no more, the solution is here! I will employ my human resource […]

Write ATS compliant resume for any job application

Favorite0Did you know that most resumes submitted by job applicants are not actually seen by humans? This is because they first have to be screened by Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) and those that are not well optimized to pass the recruitment software for the specific job position are immediately rejected and discarded. An ATS is […]

Write the best cover letter for any job application

Favorite0Professional resume and cover letter writing service Do you know that a professionally written cover letter can greatly increase your chances of getting that job you desire? A cover letter is a sales letter that helps sell your skills and express the value that you can offer. If you want to be the standout candidate […]