I will do crowdfunding campaign, indiegogo, kickstarter, gofundme fundraising for you

0 YOU ARE HIGHLY WELCOME TO THIS SERVICE   If you have any crowdfunding campaign on any  crowdfunding websites then this is the service you need for campaign.All campaigns success are determined by the amount of massive exposure it gets and how professional it is promoted. My service is mainly for crowdfunding campaign  because I have helped […]

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0 HELLOARE U LOOKING TO PROMOTE YOUR FUNDRAISING CAMPAIGN OR SET UP A SUCCESSFUL I WILL SET UP A SUCCESSFUL CAMPAIGN I will carry out a targeted worldwide exposure for your crowdfunding campaign among charitable US citizens, UK, Canadian, Businessmen, that are likely to support your campaign. We will expose your promotions to verified backers,and give you a tracking link to […]

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0 About This GigAre you in need of the right service to promote your crowdfunding campaign, gofundme, kickstarter, indiegogo, or any fundraising project? Look no further, here is the right service for the best exposure of your crowdfunding campaign. I understand the difficulties in getting your campaign at the front of the right audience, I […]

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0 welcome to my gig Crowdfunding prom0tion is important. Here is the place to promote your crowdfunding campaign and attract new financial backers throughout the world! If you are running any campaign  on GoFundMe, Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or other crowdfunding websites then this service is what you need now for the great exposure among the right […]

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0 Hello great buyer,     Are you looking for an  honest crowdfunding promotion for your project, look no further more, this is the right and perfect gig for you!     I am a professional digital marketer of over 5 years of experience with several years of executing crowdfunding campaign.I will implement my marketing to promote  your […]

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0 Hello, Do you have a business idea you want to raise fund for? Do you have an existing business you want to raise fund for? Do you have a community project to raise fund for? Or any other reason to raise fund? I am Prammc, an expert and professional digital marketer, social media marker […]

I will create a crowdfunding campaign and promote it to reach all USA donors

0 Note: Am going to do an extra fast promotion by pin your crowdfunding campaign  on our 1,266 followers page for exposure and donation   Crowdfunding is the process of funding a project or venture by raising small amount of money from a large number of people, typically via the internet. Crowdfunding is a form of […]

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0 HELLO!!! >>PROMOTE YOUR         KICKSTATER>GOFUNDME>CROWDFUNDING>INDIEGOGO>FUNDRAISING< Are you searching for a genuine and fair crowdfunding advancement for your task? I’m a Digital Marketing Specialist with more than 5 years of expertise and I co-founded Solenica a startup that raised more than millions$$ on Indiegogo,collecting …The following strategy can be applied to Kickstarter […]

I will create and market indiegogo,kickstarter,gofundme,crowdfunding campaign

0 YOU HIGHLY WELCOME, Have you wonder how a campaign stand out among thousand of active Crowdfunding campaign?Have you been thinking of why some people get funded and some didn’t get fund?Do you want to create an attractive and stand out campaign for your project and you also want it to be funded quickly? Working […]

I will write an impactful crowdfunding and fundraising pitch

0 Hello, You are welcome! I have been working in the realm of advertising and public relations for more than five years and with a broad and openly perceived campaign in the field of crowdfunding, content creation, communication, and advertising.  The achievement of your campaign relies upon how you present your graphical representations plots, advantages, […]