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Setup your crowdfunding campaign on kickstarter and gofundme

1 It’s more efficient than traditional fundraising
2 It’s a place to build traction, social, proof and validation
3 It’s an opportunity for crowdsourced brain storming to refine your idea.


1  Online activeness for any business deals
2  Give a plan on what will benefit your business
3  Very limited budget

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Do a super successful crowdfunding campaign

Dear Viewer!!!
If you want to make your new business popular, & visible throughout the internet, I am a right choice for that job, I can do accurate work according to your needs. I am ready to be your amazing ‘Virtual Assistant’ and can simplify your life by using my exceptional targeted research and marketing skills.

I have more than 5-year working experience with Kickstarter and Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaigns and I helped many start-ups to develop their businesses. I only work for rewards-based crowdfunding campaigns and can help to provide following services:

  • Crowdfunding marketing strategy plan..
  • Outstanding Press Release Creation
  • Appealing Kickstarter Graphics relevant to your project niche.
  • Potential Email Pitch Creation.
  • Promotion of the campaign via social media platforms
  • Marketing and creating a buzz about your campaign throughout the internet.
  • Crowdfunding Consultancy

I know I can bring this same level of success to you. But, again, I would rather not talk about myself and instead my work speak for itself.
 I look forward to build a long term business relationship with you, What are you waiting for? click on the contact button.

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Create and manage your crowd funding campaign


Are you looking for expert crowdfunding campaign creator and launch an impressive crowdfunding campaign for you, i assured you are on the right track.
I will help you with the best strategy to get a successful crowdfunding campaign lunched.

I will create crowdfunding campaign on any platform with your;

  • Preferred platform
  • Pitch
  • Perks plan
  • Images and graphics
  • Launching

i will manage your crowdfunding campaign by doing the following
social media platform

contact me and let get started.

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Create a successful crowdfunding campaign

Welcome to my crowdfunding campaign gig

Are you in need of a crowdfunding campaign for your project or business, or you are in need of any help from people or from different places to support you in your project or helping hand donors, backers & supporters.
I will create an effective crowdfunding campaign for you from any platform, Indiegogo, kickstarter, Gofundme e.t.c or any of your choice apart with campaign creation, I can also help with pitch, video promotion and lot more.


  • I will create an effective crowdfunding campaign
  • I will promote your campaign on multiple social media sites.
  • I will put relevant keyboard which will rank up your project in engine search.
  • Your crowdfunding campaign will go viral, result driven massive promotion.

So what else are you still waiting for kindly order my Gig now and get more of it.

Looking forward to working with you


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