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What is the most necessary factor in SEO? Answer is Keyword research. All the web optimization practices revolve round these keyword research. Right KW is very necessary in competitor evaluation to start any Affiliate, Woo-commerce, E-commerce and any publishing content running a blog website. In addition to this, it is very necessary to find out […]

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http://SALES FUNNEL!!! KLAVIYO EMAIL FLOWS!!! EMAIL AUTOMATION!!! Welcome to my gig!!! It pains me whenever AUTOMATION see a NEWLY created store or EXISTING store having a GREAT NUMBER of visitors landing on their store with LITTLE or NO CONVERSION. This is what PROMPT me to go on a research on how to solve this. With […]

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About This Gig SHOPIFY MARKETING SHOPIFY PROMOTION SHOPIFY SEO SHOPIFY TRAFFIC SHOPIFY SALES Are you in need of a professional shopify marketer? shopify website developer to market & promote your shopify store Brand and also build your shopify website brand awareness . Worried No More  Have You been Having on how to get the right […]

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I will do shopify store promotion to increase shopify traffic   This service provides real results. We understand that you need Real Pr0motion and Ranking for your Store. I will create High Quality verified backlinks to your shopify store to help bring it to the top of search results. I will be using GSA Search […]