I will do klaviyo Shopify sales funnel,shopify store expert to boost shopify sales

http://SALES FUNNEL!!! KLAVIYO EMAIL FLOWS!!! EMAIL AUTOMATION!!! Welcome to my gig!!! It pains me whenever AUTOMATION see a NEWLY created store or EXISTING store having a GREAT NUMBER of visitors landing on their store with LITTLE or NO CONVERSION. This is what PROMPT me to go on a research on how to solve this. With this, I discovered a strategy called KLAVIYO SALES FUNNEL. WHAT IS KLAVIYO SALES FUNNEL? Klaviyo Sales Funnel or Shopify Sales Funnel is a CONVERTIBLE FUNNEL that helps to retain the traffic landing on a particular website. Not all the visitors that lands on a website takes action immediately. But, having the funnel set up for your website, they will be reminded with the campaign that has already being automated of the action that they are yet to take on your website. On a long or short run, they will be FULLY convinced to take the necessary action you want from them.

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