I will record your female advertisement

0 So you need a voice actress? Well, look no farther! Not only am I a Fiverr Certified Voice Actress (With a cute badge and everything!), I am also an affordable one! And with all that said, I would be delighted to be the female voice actress for your project, and with only $30 for two […]

I will professionally mix and master your song or track

0 This one is for all those who’re under budget constraint and need a kickstart with uncompromising quality. ***PLEASE REACH OUT TO ME BEFORE ORDERING IF YOU HAVE ADDITIONAL STEMS!*** ABOUT THE SERVICE: Professional mixing and mastering services are a highly important part of one’s music career, whether you are just starting out of a […]

I will provide you an accurate transcription of your audio or video

0 Do you need someone reliable to accurately transcribe your audio or video clips? Don’t worry, I’m here!  Allow me to transcribe your audio. I’ll give you an accurate transcript may it be in .pdf form or .docx form. I’ll also be proof-reading this, so let me help you reach your project goals. What are […]

Provide perfect audio or video transcription in 24hrs

3+ Do you desire a flawless audio transcription? I am an expert in transcribing audio/video to text.    I help you transcribe any of the following:     Public address     Podcast     Chats     Symposium     Church messages     Project recordings         Telephone calls     Interviews […]