I will do islamic content transcriptions in 24 hrs

Are you looking for Islamic Content Transcriptions? Do you want someone to find verses from the Holy Quran for you? Then this gig is for you! Being an avid researcher and student of Quranic studies, I have an eye for precisely finding topics with references. I can speedily research vast topics, find exact terms and […]

I will grammarly proofread and edit your document in 24 hours

Looking for a Ninja editor and proofreader with express delivery in 24 hours? Look no further! Yours truly is here to save your document….. and your day 😎 How? My gig provides Grammarly editing and proofreading services: ✅ Spelling check ✅ Grammarly check ✅ Punctuation check ✅ Readability score check ✅ Editing ✅ Proofreading ✅ Rewriting With 10+ years of experience in hand, I have worked with clients from around the globe. […]

I will be your english to urdu, urdu to english translator

Having a hard time with Urdu translation? Are you looking for exceptional English to Urdu Translations and vice versa? Then you have arrived exactly at the right gig. Many rely on Machine Translations when they want to translate in other languages. But they aren’t authentic! With over 6 years of experience as a translator, I am […]

I will do youtube, podcast,webinar,medical video audio transcripts

Do you need urgent videos and audio transcripts? Welcome to my Gig “I will do video and audio transcription in 24 Hrs“ Are you in search of someone who will provide you with video transcription and transcribe audios in 24 Hours for you? Then you have arrived at exactly the right place! I am a transcriber for: Meetings […]