I will develop coin similar to bitcoin



We are a proffesional programmer basically based on cryptocurrencies we will create your own Bitcoin based cryptocurrency, with its own blockchain.

Forking a cryptocurrency can be difficult and time-consuming process. I will fork a proof-of-work cryptocurrency for you (such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc) and change the variables to meet your specifications. All packages include desktop wallets for Windows, Linux, and MacOS.

Overview of Packages:

Basic Coin

You choose:

• Choose the Name

• Choose the Symbol – 3-4 characters

• Choose the Supply – Total number of coins

• Choose the Decimal – how small your coin can be broken down into (ex. 0.00001)

Standard Coin

Basic coin plus:

• Choose the Premine – How many coins start in your wallet

• Your premine will be protected from hash attacks

• Choose the P2P and RPC ports

• I will integrate your logo

Premium Coin

Everything from basic and standard plus:

• You get your own genesis block

• Choose the Block time – how fast new blocks are mined

• Choose the Mining reward – number of coins created with each block

• Choose the Halving interval – how often a block reward is cut in half

kindly contact us to discuss better

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