I will create blockchain explainer, crypto explainer, 3d explainer video and bitcoin

DON’T JUST PASS BY!!! WELCOME TO OUR 3D BLOCKCHAIN EXPLAINER VIDEO Are you looking for 3D Animation team that will create a Blockchain Explainer video for you, if so, you the right gig at right time. What is Blockchain explainer video? A cryptocurrency or Blockchain explainer video is a short animated video that takes on average from […]

I will do solidity smart contract development solutions

Smart Contract Development We make your business foolproof with tailor-made smart contract development solutions on multiple blockchain platform. Smart Contract Development Services Smart Contract Development Smart Contract Audit Smart Contract Optimization Smart Contract for DApp Build Decentralized Applications Smart Contract for Digital Wallet Smart Contracts – Benefits for Business  De-risking  Middlemen-free Transactions  Cost-effective Operations  Cost Reduction […]

I will develop defi real estate platform for tokenization

Defi Real Estate Platform Make the process of property investment easier using a Defi Real estate platform. The advantages include fractional ownership and greater liquidity. A Defi Real estate platform development company assists in real-time tracking of your properties Creating a robust Defi Real estate platform improves accessibility for small investors, low transaction processing costs, […]

I will develop decentralized real estate tokenization platform

Upgrading Real Estate Tokenization to the Next Level Real estate tokenization is an emerging trend representing the convergence of real estate investing and blockchain technology. Tokenization helps asset or fund owners raise capital more efficiently, and gives investors unprecedented access to private real estate investments, transparency, and liquidity. How to Tokenize Real Estate?  Identifying the […]

I will draw custom nft art collection with 1k 5k 10k metadata

I will draw custom nft art collection with 1k 5k 10k metadata included rarities. #NFTART #NFTCOLLECTION #NFT #NFTDESIGN #10KNFTCOLLECTION Hello! thanks for Visiting our Gig and welcome! I’m Hassan, a professional designer with more than 6 years of experience in the business. Do you realize that the appropriate NFT collection might turn you into a millionaire? To […]

I will develop a decentralized messaging app on android and ios

  About This Gig Centralized communication platforms prove to be an easily identifiable weakness in activist movements. In the decentralization of communication, blockchain technology is looked to as playing a critical role as a starting point for messaging applications and nft chat app. These solutions effectively go above and beyond encryption to add another level […]

I will smart contract audit for security checks and solidity performance

Hello Blockchain world, I welcome you to my security check gig. I am a professional that helps to audit and run security checks on smart contracts with different Blockchain. An in between Line check will be done on smart contracts to completely review and check for fraudulent activities that might lead to loss of token […]

I will design unique nft collection for opensea

Hello, I’m Victor, and I’m a creative and professional 2D/3D NFT Artist and highly skilled in making high-end quality NFT Arts with top-notch different NFT Variations/Traits. I’m also highly skilled in using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. I create NFT Arts from scratch and unique traits/variations of the base characters for you to sell. I […]

I will create Solana smart contract, NFT smart contract, mint DApp

Hello Potential Buyers, Welcome to My programming Gig Here i help Create NFT Smart Contracts, Solana Smart Contracts and also develop Blockchain. I employ the use of certain programming languages like: JAVASCRIPT, SOLIDITY,RUST and other languages that is required to produce a satisfactory service. SERVICES I RENDER: Development and deployment of smart contracts Solidity ERC-721A Smart […]

I will write a professional white paper for your business or startup on any topic

WHITE PAPER, BLOCKCHAIN, WHITEPAPER, ICO WHITE PAPER, CRYPTO WHITE PAPER Hello, welcome. White paper is the most important information to understand and invest in a product or ICO. If you want to attract the potential investors, you need to make your white paper clear, easy, and understandable. And i’m here for that! I will write an […]