I will create a winning crowdfunding campaign for your project fundrainsing


I will create a winning crowdfunding campaign for your project or startup fundraising……

Do you have any raising support crusade coming up? Grants, bond, collaborations, borrowing money, investors, contributions, earning revenue and preserving cash, and selling up are all ways to fund a project. But the best with little stress is you crowdfunding campaign you project online through various fundraising platform online like Fundly, IFundWomen, WeFunder, Kickstarter, GoFundMe and many more, also you can create a crowdfunding website for your project.

Crowdfunding is the process of funding a ventures by raising small amount of money from large number of people, also it can be a way to fund a nonprofit, a business, a startup, a film, a bill, a company, an extension, a phd or anything you can think of.


BASIC: I will setup a winning crowdfunding campaign for your project on any fundraising platform while you provide the necessary requirement needed.

STANDARD: i will do the promotional video for your campaign and setup it up while you provide me the campaign content and Images.

PREMIUM: Provide me your product images and i will get things done..

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