Evaluating and ranking your services

In this tutorial, we will try to show you how Fiverr works to evaluate and rank your services in Fiverr. Realizing what is needed to succeed in Fiverr, we will show you what to do to achieve targets, avoid mistakes, take decisions and make necessary steps to manage your Fiverr Gigs inside and outside Fiverr. At the end, everyone will understand what to do to start increasing visibility and success in Fiverr.

What makes a Fiverr Gig to succeed rank high in Fiverr

  1. Nice Description with plenty of targeted keywords.
  2. Nice and attractive picture or video.
  3. Many sales.
  4. 5-star positive reviews.
  5. Excellent ratio of views/orders per 30 days.
According to the above list you may have many questions to answer. For example, even if you can find a way to create a nice gig,  it is impossible to have sales and reviews at the beginning. We will let you know how Fiverr works and it is really simple.

How Fiverr Really Works?


Fiverr is an excellent service platform giving opportunities to talented people offer their services. It is a win-win situation as both frelancers and Fiverr earn from selling services.

So Fiverr is a big store selling services to clients by exposing the best products to make the store attractive. Probably an algorithm selects and ranks the services according some indicators. It is absolutely logical to choose first the services that sell. Why these services are attractive to clients? Because they also have many positive reviews. As the clients are happy with services and freelancers, Fiverr is happy too because is getting fees from services and the clients are satisfied and come back in Fiverr to buy.

How Fiverr measure the attractiveness of a service? 

Let’s answer using an example. I am selling 2 similar products. The first had 1000 views and bought it 150 people and the second had 1000 views and bought it 5 people. Which one do you think I should place it first page on my store? I want sales and the answer is obvious. Fiverr works exactly the same way. Exposing the best sellers, giving impressions to them. Impressions inside Fiverr bring real orders and sales. This is the reason you need to make a lot of things to approach success in Fiverr.

Main Mistake

The main mistake Fiverr sellers make,  is sharing massively their Fiverr gigs. When you create a service, the most logical is to share it to get it known. But this may kill your services even from their startup. It is also something that can be recovered. How to avoid this and get your Fiverr Gigs known?

Use a way to show what you offer inside Fiverr but show it outside of the platform. For example, create a website and promote your brand name through it and your services. Share it massively and approach clients to visit and explore what you offer. Drive the clients who are really interested in your services into Fiverr. This is also what FiverrBox provides. Exposes your services exactly described as in Fiverr. Only clients determined to buy will visit Fiverr and order your service. This is the key.


If 20000 people visit your service in FiverrBox and just only one of them links to Fiverr and buys then Fiverr knows that with one visit – view, your service had one sale. A well descriptioned gig, trying as a seller to make your clients satisfied and get 5-star positive reviews, it will be a progress for your gig. 

What do you think would happened if these 20000 people visit your service directly in Fiverr?

Fiverr understands that you had one order after 20000 views. Useless service. Fiverr would never give impressions to such a service. No impressions in Fiverr, no sales through Fiverr visits.

Fiverr indicators, meaning views of your services are safe when you expose and link massively to your Fiverr gigs description outside Fiverr. Like FiverrBox or a website you created for that reason.

Let’s get back to us. 


Common questions

Many FiverrBox members are asking some questions like :

Why I didn’t get any sales yet as I have listed my gigs in FiverrBox?

How you can promote my gigs to rank first? etc.

First of all, FiverrBox doesn’t sell. FIverrBox exposes and promotes your Fiverr Gigs to social accounts and groups. FIverrBox tries to spread the word about your gigs listed in FiverrBox, for the reasons we have already mentioned.

How FiverrBox members can help this promotion?

The answer is coming from the following questions.

Have you even liked your own services?

Have you shared FiverrBox listings to your friends?

Have you shared them to groups related to Fiverr?

Do you know you could advertise your Fb FiverrBox posts as it is the most safe way to advertise your Fiverr gigs withour killing their ranking in Fiverr?

If you have done nothing to help your services, you may get no results.

What can I do to boost my services visibility?

We have added buttons in your Dashboard to approach FiverrBox Fb and Twitter posts of your gigs. 

Our posts are shared but you have to know that in Facebook only 5% to 10% of followers view your listings.

For that reason, you can share and reshare it daily to approach most of your followers or the groups and pages you have shared them. 

You can use buttons at the bottom of your posts. 

We have also added the 20% Discount Option. We want to approach buyers in the future to search for Fiverr services in FiverrBox searching for 20% discount. Take advantage of this option as we have added an extra search bar for discounted services. You can edit your gig’s category to “Discount 20%”. You can gain visibility, orders, sales and positive reviews. Remember the target. Start getting more and more impressions inside Fiverr. 

What else can I do?

Check and edit your description and use right keywords. We will add tutorials but you can also explore some videos to see how a description can be attractive and worthy. 

Spend much time to find a perfect picture or pictures. You can also create a video gig. Fiverr says that video helps to get more visibility. We can’t proove if this is true or not.

The most important. Be polite and friendly. Make the best to keep your client happy and satisfied. Give the client more than expects and make gifts. You have to get 5-star positive review. It’s necessary. Not the sale nor the earnings. The positive reviews will bring much more earnings in the future. Give everything to get much more than expected.

And remember. Don’t do what most sellers do. Do not ever share your direct Fiverr links. You don’t need useless increasing views with low potential profit. You are killing your Fiverr gigs.

That’s it. Good luck.