do site grading plan fencing details

Favorite0In this gig you will service for grading plan:-   A grading plan is a construction drawing that shows the proposed grading of a site. It is an outline of a site that shows the location and elevation of all the drainage structures within the premises. Grading plan for landscaping Grading plan for Drainage Grading […]

do metal fabrication shop drawings

Favorite0bout This Gig : In this gig you will get all types of steel structure fabrication drawing. following item shop drawings will provide in this gig. Detail shop drawing from design file Hand railing Details Stair detailing steel structure Framing details Connection details Lift details Gate details ( steel / metal) these all details will […]

steel framing connection steel structure solution

Favorite3About this Gig All steel structure faming details with bolted or welded connection will be done under this gig. All standard steel section or HSS member will use as per country code. Mostly European or USA standard codes will be use in detailing. Starting plan from simple truss details to any type complex truss. price […]

do steel structure truss

Favorite1here is the detailing for hire me for this gig. In this three different plan are given below: Basic plan :- this plan is for only editing and modification work in your drawing for this minimum charges are 25$ per hour or as per negotiate before ordering. Standard Plan : In this plan you will […]

do site grading plan autocad or microstation

Favorite1 Process survey data and create boundary, topographic, right-of-way, and as-built surveys with AutoCAD Civil / MicroStation. Work closely to provide survey consulting services for a variety of clients Applies standard drafting/design principles and theories to complete assignments We will Learn and adapt to company/client drafting standards Create drawings for survey related projects Obtain and […]

I will give set off construction drawing

Favorite1About this Gig. In this section you will construction drawing or shop drawing for your project. We will provide you detail drawing of Reinforced Concrete Cement . Here you will get construction drawing with BOQ Bar Bending Schedule. RCC structure is different in sizes so price will be different for every project we can discuss […]

I will do truss engineering drawings

Favorite0Welcome to my Gig   Here you will get all solution for your wood house construction and city permit drawing.   As a freelancer career I have did many projects successfully my overall experience are 18 years worked with many multinational companies mostly Abroad and some Inland I am expert of cad software also. I […]

do truss engineering bolted structure

Favorite1for small area. *Standard * This package include editing in design file for bigger area creating new shop drawing for your existing structure. *Premium* This package include both this package covering bigger area with complexity detailing and generating new shops drawing sets for your structure. However this a general information for rate as you know […]