I will do professional legal research, legal writing, legal documents, legal consulting

Favorite0HELLO, WELCOME TO MY GIG I have vast experience as a legal author. I’ve acquired the abilities necessary to carry out my task proficiently and with the utmost professionalism as a writer. In a number of industries, including biotech, accounting, financial services, real estate, entertainment, manufacturing, and consumer products I have handled legal research and […]

I will do winning grant proposal writing, grants, 501c3 research grant writing

Favorite0Are you looking for a grant writer? Look no further.  I am an expert in writing and preparing grant proposals. I can write grants and proposals for individuals, organizations and businesses and I’ve helped hundreds of clients find grants to fund their projects. My work is always done with the utmost professionalism and care, so […]

I will write press release, distribution, public relations, press releases

Favorite0Are you looking to get your company in front of the media? Do you want a press release that’s going to grab their attention and make sure that they know about your product? If so, this gig is for you. I’m a professional journalist who can write compelling, thorough press releases that will get you […]

I will do high quality press release writing and premium distribution to 500 plus sites

Favorite0Do you want to get more attention and exposure for your brand? I’m a professional writer and editor who can write a press release for you that will help your business grow. Press releases are written in a professional tone and distributed to hundreds of news outlets, blogs, and other media outlets. I have more […]

I will do press release writing, distribution, public relations, press release

Favorite0HELLO Are you looking for a professional press release writing and distribution services, look no further. John__smith1 is the premier press release writing and distribution service in the world. I have been providing PR services to companies for years. I have extensive experience with writing and distributing press releases, as well as knowing what it […]