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Favorite0HELLO, WELCOME TO MY GIG I have vast experience as a legal author. I’ve acquired the abilities necessary to carry out my task proficiently and with the utmost professionalism as a writer. In a number of industries, including biotech, accounting, financial services, real estate, entertainment, manufacturing, and consumer products I have handled legal research and […]

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Favorite1Hi, Welcome to my gig. As a top-tier legal expert with more than 6 years of experience in legal research and drafting, I prioritize delivering exceptional service over everything else to provide my clients unrivaled flexibility and assistance while fostering long-lasting relationships with them. I strive to tailor my service based on clients’ preferences and […]

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Favorite0I am an experienced lawyer and researcher with indepth knowledge in the following areas of law; contract law, criminal law, commercial law, international law, family and probate, property law, history, conveyancing, constitutional law, Intellectual property law, human rights law, equality and gender, tort law, entertainment law, and civil litigation 

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Favorite0If You Need TERMS and Conditions or Privacy Policy Content for Your Site, Here is the Writer. Different states have different rules and regulations. Your TERMS and Conditions or Privacy Policy will be customized for your state. Would you like to really protect your website against any form of misuse, infringement, plagiarism and other forms of abuse? Would you like to make clear to your visitors all the rules and regulations associated to […]

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Favorite0I am a practicing specialist in privacy, GDPR, CCPA, Disclaimers, and lots more… with the in-depth understanding of technology and a great passion I possessed. I will for sure definitely assist you and give you the best you deserve in policies, complement agreements,s, and any other legal documents. Legal writing involves the analysis of fact patterns and […]

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Favorite0Are you in need of a POWERFUL, RELIABLE ,LOGICAL and UNIQUE legal document? I will logically write any legal document of your choice Unlike other sellers who use Template documents, the documents I offer are effective, well detailed, manually and logically written to suit your exact purpose. The documents I offer are recognized WORLDWIDE with […]