I will be your ghost ebook writer, ghost book writer, book, and ebook writer

Favorite0Welcome to my Ghostwriting gig, where I will serve as your ghostwriting ebook or book writer. I’m an expert in the field of ebook writing, and I’ve published a number of popular titles on Amazon. As I have worked with many successful writers, both online and offline, songwriters, and article writers, I am also quite […]

I will write you an irresistible press release

Favorite0Welcome to my gig I can write a professional press release to tell your narrative if you’re trying to make a business launch, product launch, event, game launch, book release, website, app, or ANY other newsworthy event. I also distribute press releases widely. I will use my skills in writing press releases to craft enticing […]

I will write nft white paper, crypto white paper, ico white paper

Favorite0 Welcome to my gigs I render services in the creation of all types of white papers that include backgrounders and solution-oriented papers. I will Write a Professional and Amazing WHITE PAPER for Crypto, ICO, DEFI WHITE PAPER, and Blockchain WHITE PAPER. I will help you to boost your ideas by submitting a Well-Written and Professional WHITE […]

I will write ebook on metaverse, nft, crypto white paper, ico white paper

Favorite0Hello welcome to my gig I am a wizard with words and an expert in all things related to the metaverse, nft cryptocurrency, and blockchain. I will write an amazing ebook/book for you that covers everything you need to know about the world of nft cryptocurrency and blockchain. With my dedication to search engine optimization […]

I will design professional powerpoint presentation, pick deck, company profile

Favorite0Hello, welcome to my gigooking for a presentation designer to help you create stunning, professional presentations that will wow your audience? We have the perfect person for you! I’m a presentation designer who’s worked with different companies and has helped them achieve their growth goals. I’ve helped companies like yours create amazing presentations that have tremendously […]

I I will write well researched self help eBook, motivational eBook, ghostwriter

Favorite0Thanks for checking my gig My name is Jemma and I am an experienced ebook writer, EditorIf you want a top-selling self-help motivational book, you’re going to need a high-quality strategy behind your idea. I have written over 50+ ebooks that have gone on to become bestsellers in their various niches. I will ghostwrite an […]

I will provide online course content, course development, and online course creation

Favorite0Welcome to my gig have a Bachelor of Science in English Literature & Communication and 4 years of professional experience writing & editing for over 30+ diverse clients. With years of experience in developing high-quality, well-developed online course content in a variety of niches, I am an expert in creating high-quality, well-developed online course content. […]