I will do organic spotify promotion for your spotify music

Hello there, Are you looking for a Digital marketer for promote your music? Do you want to need create a perfect fan base? Are you searching a organic super and safe quality service? You are in right Gig and welcome to you. Gig’s main details: 100% safe and quality marketing service. Totally organic promotion. Share […]

I will promote and play your spotify music on popular fm radio

Hello Amiable Artist, Do you want your song to get played on radio station? If yes, your worries is over as we accept all genres of music HipHop, Pop, Indie, Dance, Club, HipHop, RnB, and others. We will send a screenshot of proof your track & name submitted to each station, and confirm the submission inside […]

I will pitch edm music to 20 popular music blogs and top 50 edm playlists

One of the effects that EDM can have on your brain is that it can help you relax your body and mind. EDM can also help to reduce your stress level. The same is true for all kinds of music. … Another of the effects that EDM can have on the brain is that it can […]

I will pitch music to a USA network of organic spotify playlists

Hello, Amiable Artist! Spotify playlist pitching has already proven year after year that it is the most effective way to promote your music without spending hundreds on your marketing. Playlist pitching is the best way to get your music out to the audience that you’re looking for, resulting in an optimal chance for engagement with your […]

I will do music submission on the most listened radio stations

We submit & Promote your song to thousands of Radio stations LIVE through our huge radio database and connections. (Rock, Pop, Hip Hop, Alternative, Reggae, RnB, Rap, Country, Dance, Jazz, House, etc…!  we will also mention your website or social links & info/title We are are a great way to build your audience & tap into a great music […]

I will pitch your song to popular music blogs and spotify playlists

REAL MUSIC PROMOTION I work in an organic way and with no magical results. I’ll pitch your single or album to different music blogs and Spotify playlist curators that might be interested in your type of music. I will run a lot of successful music campaigns that will surely drive great monthly listeners. I offer “plays” or […]