I will pitch music to a USA network of organic spotify playlists

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I will pitch your song to popular music blogs and spotify playlists

Favorite0REAL MUSIC PROMOTION I work in an organic way and with no magical results. I’ll pitch your single or album to different music blogs and Spotify playlist curators that might be interested in your type of music. I will run a lot of successful music campaigns that will surely drive great monthly listeners. I offer “plays” or […]

I will embed your spotify music on top of 550m playlist placement,

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I will submit your spotify music promotion via playlist placement, spotify album

Favorite0HELLO AWESOME BUYER….. MUSIC PROMOTION, PLACEMENT PLAYLIST, SPOTIFY ALBUM, I am a music marketer specialist with years of experience in the music marketing niche.  Do you have a track you’ve been battling to receive exposure on? If yes, I am going to take your music to next level. with my service all your music problem will […]