I will I will write online course content, outline, script, curriculum for your online school



I have a bachelor’s degree in communication, journalism, and media and four years of professional writing and editing experience for over 400 different clients.

For clients, I’ve created courses and video scripts on a number of topics. I have a talent for producing useful material that saves you time and keeps your audience engaged.

What i can do…

Course content and/or video scripts should be written.

Describe the course in detail.

For each chapter, include objectives and key point summaries.

Each chapter should have a mini-assignment (journal prompts, exercises, or quizzes)

Make a list of resources.

Make sure it’s simple and enjoyable to read, watch, or listen to for your participants!

Please keep in mind:

I exclusively supply textual information in PDF and Doc formats.

I don’t program or create the content, but I can post it to your website.

You must supply paid materials (such as books) for the course content, as well as the topic(s) the course will cover.

You must provide the course coontent for the video course 

If you want the video course on your project make sure you contnact me before placing your order.


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