I will be your perfect Christian eBook writer

Welcome to my gig,

This gig is to provide scripturally minded content for your use and with the help of the Holy Spirit give life to words aimed at salvation and encouraging believers to grow in the fullness of God.

I am a born-again Holy Spirit-filled Christian who enjoys tarrying in the presence of God with a deep understanding of Christian faith, I will ghostwrite your Christian Book, eBook, Article backed by relevant scriptural references. By the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, and my depth of knowledge in scriptures, I will help you to creatively put your thoughts together into an excellent book, article, or sermon.

As a storyteller, I experiment with many mediums to get the perfect angle, capture the essence of a moment, and illuminate the glory of the world. I’m a renaissance man experimenting with the human story, with an insatiable hunger to become a master of its telling.

I offer the following services: 

 1. Christian eBook writing

 2. Christian Article writing

 3. Christian Sermons writing

 4. Devotional writing

 5. Proofreading and editing of Christian books and articles.

Contact me now for further information.

Best regards.

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