I will do 3d animation video,2d animation,character animation,music lyrics video


I am a gifted and an expert 3D and 2D Animation maker, and I have extremely incredible information in all the process associated with 2D and 3D Animation 3d character Animation .

What Animation means?

Animation is a strategy wherein figures are controlled to show up as moving pictures. In customary liveliness, pictures are drawn or painted by hand on straightforward celluloid sheets to be captured and displayed on film.

I am wonderful in utilizing Maya and iClone for 3D Animations and I use After Effects for 2D Animations. I have dealt with a great deaI will make a 3D character liveliness for you.

All you need to provide me are pictures for the character you need to make , story board , voice over of movement – related activities like Animated Music Videos,Explainer Video, Short Films, Kid’s Rhyme Video,3d character animation 2d animation and so on.

Animating is the thing that I find truly fun and I like doing it.

The cycles associated with 3D Animations are Modeling, Texturing, Rigging, Animating, Rendering and Post – Productions

NOTE:- Costs Rely Upon HOW COMPLEX THE Content IS. Activity Costs ARE NOT FIXED. Much appreciated

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