I will fix wordpress issues and customize your website

Favorite0If you want to fix WordPress issue and customize your website then let me know immediately and I will do it! I’m a WordPress Developer at Fiverr. I have over 5+ years of hands-on experience with WordPress development. We are expert in Elementor, Divi & Visual Composer Builder. You did not find anyone who could customize your […]

I will install and setup over 25 professional SEO tools on wordpress site

Favorite0I will install and setup following over 25 professional SEO tools on WordPress site: ON Page Optimization Mass Optimization Multiple Focus Keywords Analysis (10 max) Page Analysis & S.E.O. Suggestions On Page S.E.O. Report & Score Keyword Recommendations Title & Meta format Permalink Settings Facebook Social Meta Twitter Cards Sitemaps – Index, images & videos sitemaps Local S.E.O. S.E.O. friendly images […]

I will optimize your WordPress website speed and performance

Favorite0I will optimize your WordPress website speed & performance ideal for Google PageSpeed, GTMetrix and Pingdom. All-in-one site optimization features are: Google PageSpeed, GTMetrix and Pingdom Optimization Browser-based and server-based Caching HTML, CSS and JS Optimization Image Optimization and Lazy Load Feature GZip Compression HTML Compression JS Migrate Optimization Query String Remover Header Scripts move […]

I will setup best security protection on your WordPress website

Favorite0I will install & setup best security protection for your WordPress website with these features: Web Bot Scanner & Bad Bot Blocker Fake Search Engine Bot Blocker Unnecessary Traffic Bots Blocker Security Header Settings Spam Bot, Spam Comment and Brute-Force Blocker REST API Protection WPScan, Web WordPress Scan and etc. Blocker WordPress, JavaScript and CSS […]