I will provide you review, user testing and help improve conversion on your website

Favorite0Thanks for checking out my gig! Whether you need a website review, user test, post review, I want to help you do two things, regardless of how you prefer to phrase it: Improve Your User Experience Improve Your Conversion Rate Once you order my gig, you will be asked a couple of questions that’ll help me better […]

I will do automation testing using java, selenium, cucumber, postman

Favorite0Hi There, Software testing is my profession. More than 3 years, I connected in this field. I have great knowledge about automation & manual testing.   Expertise automation tools: ▣ Selenium/Selenium Web-driver ▣ Appium ▣ Agile Jira, Test Case, Bug Report ▣ Postman, Rest Assured ▣ Jenkins CI/CD, Selenium Grid ▣ JUnit, TestNG ▣ Cypress, Cucumber, Robot ▣ JMeter, Gatling   […]

I will review, test, QA, automation of your website, software, apps

Favorite0Hello… I am Software QA & Security Expert and have 3 Years of Professional experience in QA Testing and Reviewing Web & Mobile Apps.   My Expertise Area: I will test your website/application and try to uncover as many defects or bugs as possible so that you can give an error-free product to end consumers. I’ll perform the […]

I will provide quality user testing of your website

Favorite1Welcome to my gig! If you want to know what users think about your website, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve provided countless hours of testing on certified websites such as UserTesting and Conversion Crimes, so I know exactly what to look for when testing your website. Here’s what you can expect from me: […]

I will user test your mobile app or website

Favorite0***PLEASE MESSAGE ME FIRST BEFORE PLACING AN ORDER SO I CAN ASSESS THE REQUIREMENTS*** I’m a 5-star rated mobile and website tester on UserTesting, so I KNOW exactly what kind of feedback and review you expect from a Tester. I’ll look over your webpage and write down my initial thoughts (things like understanding what website […]

I will do amazing user testing for android app testing, website testing

Favorite0user testing  user interface  user experience  app testing  website testing  manual testing android app testing  usability testing  software testing  user research Hello, Do not Panic just because your website, mobile app is not as efficient as you think it should be. I am here for you to do the needful. user testing user interface user experience app testing  website testing  manual testing android app testing  usability testing  software […]

I will do website testing and review, UI and UX review and bugs

Favorite0Greetings, We are experienced ‘TOP CERT’ rated website ‘user tester’. we can clearly express our opinions on your website design, layout and navigation and offer logical solutions to improve customer experience. The user test involves us giving honest, impartial feedback on your site, and showing how a ‘typical’ customer may behave. We visit your site […]

I will user test and review your website and provide feedback

Favorite0Welcome to Oracle Web, we will help you user test your website and provide honest opinion and review when we perform our testing. We also promise to recommend experts you can consult to help you fix any problem with your site. Your site will also be tested by several users to offer insights into how satisfied […]