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Tweet Your Music or Link to 170,000 Active Twitter Followers

We’ve had our account active & highly interactive since 2013 and are mostly aimed at the Entertainment & Music Industry, but aren’t limited to it because we do touch on other topics. Our profile is enhanced daily and utilize strategic SEO authentic methods to target the appropriate audience to draw in the likes of new music fans, record labels, producers, brands, verified followers, and more.

We have over 170,000 followers and counting. This is some of the best exposure you could ask for with Twitter. This gig is perfect for promoting: new singles, music events, shows, tours, marketing, kickstarters, blog posts, articles, and any other eye catching content. Also, if you’d like us to help write your content/post for you, feel free to ask.

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Note: we do not use “bots” or fake followers, majority of our followers are USA-based, and no inappropriate content will be allowed. 

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Be your social media manager, social media marketer and content creator

About This Gig

Welcome to my Gig:  

Since the advancement in technology, it brought about social media marketing. The ways of marketing goods online through the appropriate channel and get positive result.

 it a form of marketing that involves creating content in order to achieve marketing goals, and also drive audience engagement.

Are you looking for a social media marketing expert?

Or for someone that can manage your social media channels?

Or someone to engage more audience to your channel? 

Then I can assure you that you are on the right Gig 

I am a professional Digital marketer with uttermost up to 3 years of working experience dealing with all strategic ways of media marketing

 My services are:

Managing your media channel professionally

Creation of worthy content for the reader

Search and usage of trending hashtags

Scheduling of post for the audience convenience

Driving of traffic to your website/Channel

 Increasing your brand awareness to the public

Platforms I work on:





I promise you will be glad working with me, 

Best regards


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