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Create facebook business page,social media sales targeting business page

Facebook business page

To grow your business and have a great online reputation you need to be present social media. As you know Facebook has a big influence on your Business. Facebook is the first largest online platform!

As such is very important to manage it professionally in order to take advantage of all the benefits it has to offer.
I’m making your facebook business page completed and ready to use and I will be your Facebook manager.

What I will do:

  • Social tabs Linking
  • CTA Button
  • Page Creation
  • Basic Setup
  • Settings 
  • Business Details
  • Only Profile Picture
  • Special Tab

Click the contact botton now and let’s connect!

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Read and review your book and compose an unbiased critique

About This Gig

You’ve written your book, ebook, novel and it feels great. Now, you’re thinking of getting the word out to as many people as you can. I’ve decided to boost unknown or new / indie books and aspirant authors who might have just produced their first or second work or authors who want a boost for their book

I’ll read and go through your book. I’ll do unbiased critiques. After composing, I’ll send it to you in private. You can tell if you’d like it published. I’ll post to my blog and a link to the review on my social media accounts.

Do note, it’s okay if you don’t want it published, you’ll still be charged the agreed upon amount. Reading and composing critiques take time & effort out of my schedule.

If the critique is approved, I’ll publish and tweet the link to my increasing Twitter subscribers and retweet 12-24 hours later for best results. You want that extra exposure, isn’t it? The critique will contain a link from where readers can buy your book.

I reserve the right to turn down and refund orders. I accept orders in PDF and ePUB format for quick reading

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Design modern instagram post, Facebook post Social Media Post


 For a marketer there is nothing worse than struggling with a creative post about your business. 
In other to get the best, that’s probably why you came to fiverr.Its okay, we all need some inspiration now and then to help shake off the rust and go back to creating amazing stuffs. If this sounds like something you need, then scope out this enormous Gig. No matter where your audience is most active, we are sure to help you find something you haven’t shown them before.


  • Increase and Build product awareness
  • Remodel and engage your Brand
  • It helps build more business relationship with your audience
  • It drives direct and real traffic to your business website
  • It help you understand your understand
  •  With my expertise in Social Media Marketing and Promotion, i will design your Social Media post with your Logo, Captivating content and beautiful images.

 Do you want more details about what i offer? Contact me anytime.
 You perfectly understood my Gig? Place your Order now.
 Thanks. Best regards

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Be your social media manager and help increase your social media presence

Congrats on finding the best Social Media Marketing Management gig. 
I am here to assist organizations with setting up an expert online nearness with the best methodologies to follow on Social Media. My 5+ long periods of experience assist me with accomplishing that. 
My Services Include: 
1. Making and completely streamlining Social Media Accounts on stages, for example, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest. 
2. Creating methodologies, redid for your business, to assist you with accomplishing your objectives. 
3. Content Creation, with a modified topic regarding your image’s rules. 
4. Hashtag Research 
5. Planning the posts at the ideal occasions 
6. Expanding your site traffic 
7. Serious examination 

8. Building up Brand’s Awareness/Identity 
9. Expanding Website Exposure 
10. every minute of every day Support 
It would be ideal if you message me before requesting so we can talk about your task in detail. Likewise, I can make custom offers on the off chance that you need extra additional items or have any additional request.

Best Regards..

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Be your social media marketing manager

Social Media Management is not just an option but is ethical for any business in the world!

As your social media manager i will :

  • Create your Business Page & Integration
  • Create Social Media Content
  • Do Hashtag Research
  • Brand posts with your business logo
  • Schedule Posts

(I am a certified Social Media Manager with experience in Digital Marketing who have worked in different companies across the globe.)

I can also provide you with: 

  • Instagram Marketing
  • Twitter Marketing
  • Linkedin Profile Set Up
  • Linkedin Business Page

 Don’t hesitate to contact me for any question regarding your business’s presence online, or any question regarding digital marketing. 

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Setup shopify marketing, ecommerce marketing, sales funnel for shopify store


Are you starting a new store and wanting to have a great startup or already have an online store but frustrated with the performance?

Are you looking to make the BEST of your new or existing shopify store without wasting time?

Looking to get your store go insanely viral in short time?
Do you need someone who can go into our store and craft out the perfect shopify marketing strategies to boost your ROI?

If all or few of these questions sounds familiar to your experience, then LOOK NO FURTHER, your helper has come, just make sure you contact immediately or save this gig.


What I will do:

  • I will analyze your store &write out a suitable shopify marketing plan
  • Optimize Your Site for Search
  • Include Re-views on Product Pages
  • Market on Social Media
  • Put Influencers to Work for You
  • Start Email Marketing
  • Create a Shoppable Instagram
  • Google AdWords
  • Facebook & Instagram Ads
  • Promoted Pins
  • Retargeting
  • Develop an App with Push Notifications
Shopify marketing is sole your Shopify store. Click the contact button now & let’s see how we can work together to make your store perform at best.
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Be your crazy instagram marketing manager


Instagram, is The Number 1 Place To Build Your Fame, Brand and Business Because Thousands of Entrepreneurs and Artistes are Leveraging the Opportunity of Insta-gram To Build Fame and Popularity around their Niche, Business or Profile!

There are Millions of Active Users on Insta-gram every Minute and People are looking for the right Engagement and Trends!


Here is the right place to achieve your Checklist!


  • Your Username
  • Your Password
  • and Other informations

What I Will do..

  • Follow / Unfollowing
  • Like posts from prospective Users
  • Comment on other related posts
  • Make Quality posts


  • New Engagements from a Target Audience
  • Increase Website Traffic and Sales
  • Brand Recognition and Awareness
  • Free Consultation Service
  • Premium Management Service.

This is the best for

  • IG Artists
  • IG Entrepreneurs
  • IG Comedians
  • IG Influencer
  • IG Entertainer

ORDER NOW>> your insta-Gram Fame is in Good Health with me!

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