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Be your facebook marketing and promotion specialist

Welcome to my GIG Facebook Marketing, Ads and Promotion

The world’s most popular social media site is Facebook. FB Marketing is one of the digital media for promoting business. Very important to business because we can reach millions of customers through it.
I have completed a long training in Facebook Promotions, know the secret tips strategy and FB marketing method.

Your business will continue to work to reach millions of people.

My service details:-
Thousands of Facebook groups and page posts.
You can write excellent product descriptions and articles.
Can make interesting posts, which captures the buyer’s attention.
Can order to increase sales and traffic.
My Service Specialty:-
100% manual posting.
Able to motivate customers to buy any products.
Very aware of the rules and guidelines of Facebook.
If you’re hiring me, I will totally focused on working for you.
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Do perfect chrome and firefox extension of your choice


Google Chrome is a cross-platform web browser developed by Google. It was first released in 2008 for Microsoft Windows, and was later ported to Linux, macOS, iOS, and Android. The browser is also the main component of Chrome OS, where it serves as the platform for web apps.

Google Chrome Extensions:- are browser extensions that modify Google Chrome.These extensions are written using web technologies like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. They are distributed through Chrome Web Store, initially known as the Google Chrome Extensions Gallery. All users with a Google Account are able to add extensions after developing them.Many Chrome extensions, once installed, have access to the user’s data. There are three levels of permissions that an app or extension may request.

I Will Help You Extend Your Google Chrome With All These Category 

  • Adblock Plus
  • Adblock for Chrome
  • Evernote Web
  • HTTPS Everywhere


  • 100% Satisfaction
  • 100% Effort on your project
  • 100% Workdone
  • Unlimited revision
  • Best results
  • On time delivery


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Promote And Advertise Your Marketing Link On My Websites

  • 5 Websites
  • 5 Months
  • 5 buyers(Better Choice Only) 
  • 5 Dollars

I will place your link on 5 of my personal website’s “POPULAR LINKS” pages for 5 months and CONGRATS TO THE FIRST 5 BUYERS WHO GOT THEIR LINK ADDED TO THE “HOME PAGES” OF THOSE 5 SITES!! All for $5

Your link can either be a URL or it can be clickable words of up to 200 characters

No porn, violence, or derogatory material allowed

I will place your link on 2 more of my personal webpages “POPULAR LINKS” pages and the first 5 buyers that purchases this will get their link on the home pages on those 2 AND popular links pages of all 7 websites for 5 months! $15

I will place your link on ALL sub pages on the 5 sites for 5 months….THAT’S 37 PAGES! $30

My sites, four of which have my own domains, have over 30,000 visitors and growing, and have around 50 visitors a day. I promote them at least every other day on social media sites.. I manually add them to other related websites at least once a week and put through a number of SEO sites..Contact me with questions.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

I look forward to working with you!

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