I will https://www.fiverr.com/alexhudson50/create-decentralized-exchange-defi-swap-like-pancake-swap-bsc-token-bep20

Hello Great Buyer, We have extensive Blockchain development experience, including work on Token Creation, Smart Contracts, DeFi Platforms, Crypto Wallet Apps, Exchange Websites, and DAPP solutions.  We work on a variety of BlockChain projects, including smart contracts, wallet construction, token creation, wallet integration, website and app development, whitepaper development, and DeFi platform development. Fiverr Gig […]

I will build a proffitable nft website, fork pancake swap, bsc token

I WILL BUILD A PROFITABLE NFT WEBSITE, PANCAKE SWAP, BSC TOKEN AND YIELD FARMING THE MOST OF MY BRILLIANT Uni-swap front-running bot snipes new liquidity for newly created tokens. The bot is the first buyer of any new coin Block-chain protocol update BIP47 Smart contract development using solidity Development Dapp including yield farming Web based […]

I will create tokens, a decentralized exchange and a defi swap

Hello there, We are a certified Blockchain developer with many years of web development experience. We are a blockchain software developer who specializes in customizing solutions. Our background includes years of experience developing a variety of blockchain apps for a variety of businesses. Smart Contract Development, Digital Tokens, and Private Blockchain Deployment are just some […]