I will build nonprofit website, crowdfunding, donation website, non profit website

0 About This Gig NONPROFIT SITE! CROWDFUNDING!! DONATION WEBSITE!!! If you are looking for Non profit, Charity Donations or a crowd funding Website? if yes this gig is prepared for you for I will design Non Profit site for your donation. Specialist in Non profit site Design including : non profit website donation website donation […]

I will set up and develop a non profit and charity website

0 MESSAGE ME BEFORE ORDER If you would like to develop a Fundraising Charity Non profit website to get donations online for your charity business, then i would be more than glad to take on the project. Non-profit types of websites aim to provide both information on a charity as well as a way for […]

I will develop benevolent fundraising website, charity website and crowdfunding website

0 Hello Welcome to my fundraising website developer service. I am John Press, your host in this service. I am a well trained and experience man in the development of WordPress web-site like Fundraising, Church, Crowd funding and so on. But this is my service where I wonder around with the development and fixing of […]

Develop a non profit and religious website with live streaming

0 I will develop a straightforward and easy to navigate. I will make it  easier  for visitors to understand your mission, impact, and find what they’re looking for, the better engagement you’ll receive! What Your Website will include: Donate Button Responsive design Fully outline of your Mission,Problem And Solution  Great Typography 9 pages website( Home,join […]