I will do vedic astrology analysis of your chart in detail

Hello, I am astro Rajeev and I am here to solve all your queries related to Astrology. This is the most valuable and quality Astrology Gig, you will find here( Vedic Astrology) I will analyse your birth chart in-depth and prepare the report manually.I will provide accurate predictions using techniques of Vedic astrology.Your queries would be […]

Make your horoscope report with detail prediction and analysis

KUNDALIPHAL Basic Includes Birth details with Panchang, Planetary Degree/Positions, Favourable Points, Birth chart, Moon chart, Navamsha chart, Chalit & Cuspal chart House predictions about your Health, Finance, Marriage, Career etc. Dasha readings for 10 years Yearly predictions (Transit predictions) for % years Sadesati (Saturn’s period) Gem Therapy Kalsarp Dosh Manglik Dosh Lucky Substitute Stone KUNDALI […]