I will do organic youtube hip hop video music promotion

Hello Artist, Are you a artist, composer looking for a way to promote your youtube hip hop video music to targeted active audience? If yes you’re the right gig. The Best way to do YOUTUBE VIDEO PROMOTION is through GOOGLE ADWORDS, The effective, creative & efficient ways to advertise any sort of VIDEO to its […]

I will do music promotion to over 50m audience

  GET YOUR MUSIC PROMOTED TO 5OM ACTIVE AUDIENCE Prom0ting your music it isn’t just about sharing things with your fans. You also want to reach out to new audiences and convert them to fans.  As a TEAM we are using our own independent Music Blogs and Social Media Community to prom0te your music. We’ll also manually submit […]

I will submit and promote your hip hop music to 900 apple

HELLO GREAT BUYERS The best way to get ahead of the competition is to reach new people.  With my Playlist promotion service, you can do exactly that.  i will connect you with popular Apple Music playlist curators  and help you boost your fan base by getting more plays on your songs.    benefit of playlist >>Stay […]

I will do spotify music promotion to get streams, spotify hiphop playlist

SPOTIFY MUSIC PROMOTION TO GET STREAMS & HIPHOP CURATOR I will embed your Spotify music link in my private social media network of listeners groups  Your Spotify music will be promoted on websites, Targeted Forums and Blogs and to drive Huge Potential and REAL social audiences (traffic) to your music (Majority of Audience are from USA, […]

I will do organic promotion for your soundcloud music track

SOUNDCLOUD PROMOTION Do you want your music exposed to active music lovers that will keep on checking your tracks out? Do you want real organic Sound-cloud Music Promotion based on active audience targeting?    I will submit your music to bloggers, playlists, YouTube channels, and record labels. Also, I’ll submit your music to top curators industry and guaranteed listeners. […]

I will do viral tik tok promotion to amazing,tik tok promotion, tik tok fans

About This Gig HELLO VALUABLE BUYER,     If you want to promote your music on social media, such as tik tok, or it could be any other social media platform (instagram, facebook, etc) I am here for you. I am a professional dancer, and I will help you pr0mote your music, with my dance movesI will organically […]

I will promote and play your hip hop, rap, or rnb music to thousands of radio listeners

About This Gig   Radio pr0motion is the division of a record company which is charged with placing songs on the radio. They maintain relationships with program directors at radio stations and attempt to persuade them to play singles to pr0mote the sale of recordings, such as CDs, sold by the record company   I will help to do Great pr0motion & marketing […]

I will tender your music track to real and active hip hop playlist curator

HIPHOP PLAYLIST CURATOR Hello successful buyer, You are welcome to my gig description. To be well known in music Industry isn’t a day job and it is not easy at all, that is the reason why our team go on research on what can make popularity easy in music industry and we came across some […]

I will Present Your Music to Playlist Placement Hip Hop Playlist Curator

   WELCOME………..                                    This is the best service for you, where i will present your hip hop music track to over 60,000 active playlist placement..     Your track will be added to a large and growing playlist with more than […]